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Training resources for us newbies!(1 post)

Training resources for us newbies!chris47
Jul 31, 2002 12:16 PM
Hey folks. A few days ago I asked for any advice about resources for training. Some of you gave me some great advice and I thought I would share what I've found. Last weekend I took a trip to Powell's Books in Portland (the biggest damn book store on the planet) and found two great books. Both are published by Bicycling Magazine and both involve a guy named Ed Pavelka (some of you probably already know all about him). Anyhow...both books are fabulous.

Training Techniques for Cyclists is a shorter book but a wealth of info on everything from nutrition to specific tips from well known coaches. The book is edited by Ed Pavelka.

The Complete Book of Long-Distance Cycling is written by Edmund Burke, PhD., and Ed Pavelka. It is a bit more detailed, but there is overlap between this and the other book on issues of training with regard to cadence, heart rate, lactate threshold ect. This book does have some specific stuff for those of us wanting to train for longer rides.

Both books are awesome and for any newbies like myself I'd recommend you check each one out and buy the one you feel tells you what you need to know. I think having both is overkill.

Anyhow, just thought I'd add these resources to the group as the info this list has given me about shorts, seats and the like has been valuable and appreciated.

Portland, OR

PS Went for my first 50+ mile ride on Sunday from Portland to Crown Point. Wow. Thank GAWD they let me take it nice and slow!!! It was an awsome ride. I'm officially addicted.