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Taken out by 8 year old! Post crash advice? (semi-long)(7 posts)

Taken out by 8 year old! Post crash advice? (semi-long)czardonic
Jul 31, 2002 7:15 AM
Long story short, at the behest of his slightly older brother, the kid rolled his skateboard under my front wheel as I was riding down a residential street at about 15 mph. It was no accident: he leaned over, took aim and pushed it with both hands and later blamed his brother for telling him to do it. After blubbering for a while about how they wouldn't tell me how to contact their parents because they didn't want to get in trouble, they split with the help of an older friend. I filed a police report, but it sounds like even if they do track down the two, my only recourse will be to drag their parents into small claims court.

I ended up with scrapes and bruises on my right leg, arm and shoulder, and took a nasty blow to the head (wear your helmets, folks). Both of the wheels on my brand new C'dale are well out of true, the shifters are severly scuffed and the left shifter was rotated 45 degrees from its original position. Overall, It could have been much worse. . .I didn't even lose any paint!

A few questions before I take the bike in to the LBS:
  • Fork (CF C'dale Slice Prodigy): This crash was basically equivalent to hitting a curb head on. Is my fork toast? There are some very fast decents over rough pavement in this area, and I am not sure I trust it. Am I just being paranoid?
  • Rims: Same concern as the fork. The wheels are out of true, but not severely. Should I just have them repaired, or consider replacing them (or at least replacing the front)?
  • Shifters (Tiagra): These seem like they could be rehabilitated, but the scrapes are going to bug me everytime I see them. Would there be any functional advantage to upgrading to 105, Ultrega or Dura-Ace? (The rest of the drivetrain would remain Tiagra for now.)
  • Anything else I should be concerned about?

  • re: Taken out by 8 year old! Post crash advice? (semi-long)Xoc
    Jul 31, 2002 7:24 AM
    Yikes! I'm an ex-cop and had that happened to me, I would have snatched the kid up by the scruff of his neck, and called the cops right then and there. You could have easily been killed.

    As for the bike, I'd probably take it to your LBS and have them give it a complete going over.

    It's good that you are OK though. You should definately try to track the kid's parents down though, they should be paying for your repairs at the least.
    You should have grabbed the skateboardjose_Tex_mex
    Jul 31, 2002 7:38 AM
    Kid's skateboards are a great way of identifying them. You could probably show that thing to any kid in town and they would know who owned it. As it stands you are looking for two kids, brothers, with skateboards. That has to narrow things down. Were they grade school? High school? Year books are a great way to ID kids...

    Kids are creatures of habit. Go back to the "scene of the crime" around the same time and they'll be there. I would absolutely file a claim against the parents - especially (if/when you find them) if they give you a hard time.

    As for the bike, no-one can say without seeing the bike. However, I would expect the fork and shifters to be fine. The rims probably need only to be straightened.

    One other bit of advice - always make sure your front wheel clears. This is something you learn quickly while mtn biking. If you saw them lean over, take aim, and push. You should have had enough time to position yourself to lift the front wheel. However, hindsight is 20/20. Next time, break the board.

    As for an advantage to upgrading, absolutely.
    Always upgrade. As to the other stuff,morrison
    Jul 31, 2002 7:58 AM
    as a parent, I am a firm believer in the idea that we all share in the responsibility of raising one another's kids. Parents have to be notified when their kids intentionally do wrong.

    In your case, if the parent knows what (s)he is doing, (s)he will make the kid apologize, (s)he wil pay for the repairs to your bike, and then make the kid pay her/him back. If it were my kid, I'd take and destroy the skateboard, too.

    Unfortunately, however, there are lots of bad parents who will stick up for their kids and tell you to pound sand. That's when you need to get the cops and/or small claims court involved.

    Asking for reimbursement can be uncomfortable, and might not seem like it's worth the hassle, but it is a valuable lesson for the kid.

    Try to find out who did this, and I'm glad you're ok.
    Do this, only if you have kick ass teenage nephew/cousin.0_Kewl
    Jul 31, 2002 8:11 AM
    Being a Adult, I hate it when punk ass kids think they can get away being unmindful punks. So what you do is carry your cell. I always do this to scare the young punk ass kids. I tell them of course I'm to old to do anything to them, but let me call my nephew and he'll come over and kick ass and take names later :-)
    I Had A Similar "Attack"jromack
    Jul 31, 2002 8:58 AM
    Some teenage kid was playing with his radio control toy car in the street. As I approached on my bike, he decided to run it towards me, then along me, playing "chicken" with me.

    I managed to reach down and grabbed it by the antenna and then tossed it straight up. It smashed into pieces on its final descent into the pavement

    I kept on riding as if nothing happenned.
    Lol, good job. That will teach em a expensive lesson.0_Kewl
    Jul 31, 2002 9:17 AM
    Next time though, just kick it into pieces. That way know one can say you did it on purpose. You can say you thought you were going to crash and had to kick the little toy away from causing yourself serious bodily harm from a spill, lol.