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How often do tires need inflating?(7 posts)

How often do tires need inflating?GMS
Jul 30, 2002 7:48 PM
How often do you pump up your tires? Before every single ride? How quickly do tires lose pressure?

On my mountain bike, at 60 psi, once or twice a season was enough. Now I inflate my tires much more often, but I am really not sure how much pressure they lose each day. Temperature probably plays a significant role.
At least a squeeze before every ride; here's whySilverback
Jul 30, 2002 8:00 PM
I don't always fill them, but I always give them at least a squeeze before I take off. They need checking and filling more often than mountain tires because they run higher pressures (so tiny leaks and normal porosity let more air out), because the air volume is much smaller and because it's a lot easier to pinch flat.
You mean you ran HALF A SEASON on your MB without a flat? I had three last weekend....
re: How often do tires need inflating?mb_Cik
Jul 30, 2002 9:14 PM
Someone just posted this question a few days ago. You should be able to search and find it. I check the pressure on my recovery days. And as above, I always try to give it a quick squeeze just to be 100% sure.
every ridetarwheel
Jul 31, 2002 3:46 AM
I pump up my road tires before every ride. High-pressure tires can lose 5-10 lbs overnight. The best way to prevent flats is to keep tires properly pressurized, and it only takes a couple minutes at most to pump them up. I rarely every get flats (one per year riding 7,000 annually) and I think keeping the tires pumped up has a lot to do with that.
2nd the every rideJimP
Jul 31, 2002 6:39 AM
I second the every ride. My tires do lose 5-10 psi overnight from the 130-135 psi I ride with. The amount of loss is dependent on the pressure and the tube type. A latex tube will lose more than a butyl tube.
3rd the every ridecoonass
Jul 31, 2002 3:03 PM
no matter if I ride in the am and then again in the pm...
re: How often do tires need inflating?Skip
Jul 31, 2002 3:18 PM
I pump mine to 140-145 PSI (Vred.) before every ride, then reduce the pressure to 60 (+/-) PSI after the ride. It seems to reduce the amount of cracking of the tire (just clinical impression - YMMV), resulting in longer life.