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Computer suggestions...(3 posts)

Computer suggestions...mleptuck
Jul 29, 2002 4:18 PM
Hi everyone.

I just bought a 2001 Raleigh R700, and am looking for a mid- to upper- range computer for this bike. I want a wireless system with the basic functionality (AVS, trip timer, max speed, etc., BUT, I do not require a 2nd bike feature), with an option for a cadence metering function. A cardiac monitor would be ideal too, but I'm trying to keep my purchase around/under $100...

The R700 is all Ultegra, and the shifters are 6510s, so I have the option of shifter-mounter controls for a Flight Deck unit.

I'm stuck between the Shimano Flight Deck ($100 is the cheapest I've found a wireless model), for the added gear indicator functionality, and the fact that it can essentially infer the current cadence from said gears (and of course, the shifter integration), and a Sigma BC800 (about $45) with the wireless addon (about 1/2 the price of the Flight Deck stuff total, obviously).

BUT, I've read some not-so-hot comments about the Flight Deck line (auto start isues mostly, it seems), and am wondering if some of these bugs have been worked out.

Can anyone out there who is familiar with the Flight Deck line fill me in on it? I'd like to hear positives and negatives, frankly. I'm not sure I can justify an extra $50 outlay for gear and cadence indicators...

re: Computer suggestions...craigg
Jul 29, 2002 11:15 PM
Hi Mike,

I have used a FlightDeck 6501 on Ultegra group (on Trek 1500). I've seen the negative entries but really cannot agree with them. The 'virtual' cadence feature is cool ... fewer wires and problems.

The auto start works AFTER setting the FlightDeck on. This is manual. After some minutes of inactivety, the FlightDeck switches to a 'hold' mode showing only the time (as I recall). You need to switch the unit on to get into 'work' mode.

Once this is on, stopping and starting automatically get handled.

You need to therefore remember to start the FlightDeck when you start your ride.

The integrated 6501 buttons work well (I believe the 6500 buttons on only right STI lever were a BIG problem). I have not yet pushed the button by mistake.

I have the wired version (not wireless) but friends who do claim it works well.

Go for the FlightDeck. Long after the $50 are forgotten, you'll be changing the stats while having your hands ON the levers.


re: Computer suggestions...mleptuck
Jul 30, 2002 6:56 AM
Hey Craig,
Thanks for the views.

I'm finding more and more evidence that the auto-start 'issues' were essentially cases of not reading or understanding the manual sufficiently. I'll just need to remember to manually restart it after an extended break.

As a test, I took a brief ride last night and checked my hand position in relation to the STI button mounting locations. I think I shouldn't have any problems avoiding them, even when climbing, so hopefully that concern will be moot as well.

I think you've pushed me over the fence, so to speak. I'm reasonably sure I'll be getting the Flight Deck setup when all is said and done.

I appreciate your response.