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a different Lance/Tiger spin(3 posts)

a different Lance/Tiger spinET
Jul 29, 2002 11:32 AM
It has been commented about each of these that no one works harder/longer training for their respective "sport"s than each of these. The implication, I guess, is that everyone else is comparatively lazy. Do you believe that?

Even as a nothing recreational but competitive-minded runner, I worked pretty darn hard training for my local 5Ks. No cash and fame there either. If you're driven, I don't think it's so rare to be obsessed about your "sport" and try to do all it takes. OTOH, take a talented bunch who all train hard, but throw in phenomenal ability to one of them, and then you have, well, Lance/Tiger.
re: a different Lance/Tiger spinSlowclimber
Jul 29, 2002 2:22 PM
There isn't much doubt that anybody at the pro level would be considered lazy, at least by the standards of the general public. But when compared to other pros there is a difference in how hard/long/intense they train.

Sometimes it's not how hard/long they train but how smart they train. Doing intensity when they need to. Doing LSD when they should be. Scheduling their peak for the correct time and hitting it every year for the races that they want to be at maximum performance for.

When it comes to Lance, his preparation is for one race a year (though he takes all races he is in seriously). He plans each stage by pre-riding the important stages. He knows how hard he can go on climbs and when they will be steeper grades or shallower grades. He does his homework year round and it pays off during the tour.

Tiger does the same thing I would imagine. He does a pre-check of the course, trains smart and peaks for the majors. Any other tournament he takes seriously but it's more training and appearance then anything. If he wins the smaller tournaments great, it's just extra bonus.

Also remember that as you get older you have to adjust your training to how your body recovers and builds as it changes when you get older. Athletes that do this will out perform those that still train like they are early 20's.

All in all it's about training smarter not harder.
Lance/Tiger trains smart, the others train dumb?!?ET
Jul 29, 2002 7:22 PM
The others also can train just as smart and have high-level trainers and coaches to help them strive to achieve that objective. After all, they want to maximize their performance too.