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need help with (over)training...(3 posts)

need help with (over)training...tommyrod74
Jul 29, 2002 6:30 AM
Hi all-

I'm still loving my Gunnar Roadie I picked up a few weeks back- maybe a little too much, it seems. I have been doing a group ride on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a fast group here in town- usually 40-45 miles per ride, lots of hills. I really enjoy the rides- and usually do a long mountain bike ride one day of the weekend. Here's my problem- I am feeling VERY run down all of the time, trouble sleeping- and in my mountain bike race yesterday (granted, in 95 degree heat and 1 classification higher than I usually compete against) I was miserable the whole time. I feel almost flu-like sick today as a result. I suspect my enthusiasm has gotten the best of me and I am overtraining a bit by riding long (for what I amused to) and hard every time I ride. Can anyone recommend websites, or preferably books (readily available at, say, Barnes & Noble) on training so I can be a little more scientific about this? Thanks a bunch for any advice-

Well, jeez, take a day or two off.cory
Jul 29, 2002 7:34 AM
There are dozens, maybe hundreds of books and Web sites on training, and I'm sure somebody will recommend one. But I think you've diagnosed your own problem. The Tour's over, so go ahead and do a few easy days or just sit one out. If you have a wife/gf, you might consider (and I say this in full recognition that many wives/gfs are much faster and stronger than I am) riding with her once or twice a week at HER pace. You get to do something together instead of you being gone on the bike all the time, and it gives you time to recover.
Used to work in my family, at least, until my wife got more serious than I was. Now she takes easy days to ride with me....
re: need help with (over)training...RockyMountainRacer
Jul 29, 2002 11:33 AM
First, you need to take a few days off (probably a week), or you will get sick and injured and be forced to stop anyway. So don't be stupid.

Here's some really good books on training that have helped me a lot:

Serious Cycling...Ed Burke
The Cyclists' Training Bible...Joe Friel
Bicycle Road Racing: The Complete Program For Training and Competition...Edward Borysewicz

Buy those books. You are actually on the right track with your current program of 3 days of intensity seperated by rest days, but you are run down because of lack of base training. Take a week off and read those books. Next year you will kick ass.