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Lance in France- Report from Paris(1 post)

Lance in France- Report from Parisboneman
Jul 29, 2002 12:34 AM
Hopped over the Channel yesterday to see the final stage of the Tour. The usual cacophony of the promotional vehicles including the large equipment wheel with the man inside on a small motorized platform propelling the wheel forward.

Brilliant day in the mid-90's with various people trying to get off the front but most have seen the tv broadcast.

As ever, an increasing number of people from the States versus prior years. No longer just for avid riders, race followers and tourist caught up in the spectacle. The number of rotund followers bellowing Lance's name says something about the sport's, or perhaps Armstrong's own, growing popularity with the general US population. Despite the European press reports and editorials, the French present were rather supportive of Lance as opposed to prior years. They remain disappointed with the lack of result by French riders and even Jalabert's polked dot jersey is met with a shrug of the shoulders.

But in the end, Armstrong's strong ride, attacking when in Yellow, is something many people will remember about the 2002 TDF. As my wife commented, it's rather nice to hear the Star Spangled Banner on a beautiful day in Paris along the Place de la Concorde.