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What is the best shipping company?(5 posts)

What is the best shipping company?rengaracchi
Jul 29, 2002 12:16 AM
I used ParcefForce WorldWide, the British equivalent of USPS, but their service is AWFUL. Their tracking system never worked, and I haven't heard a word form them yet for my three e-mail inquiries that I made over the period of a moth. When I called them, they trasfered me to a whatever section and promissed me to call back. But they never did. What is going on? They are so incompetent, inefficient and irresponsible.

I have used FedEx and my friend used DHL for receiving bikes from the US, and both companies proved that their service is top-notch as they advertise. We could trace our bikes step-by-step fashion, and they came here in less than a week. But I am still waiting for one of the two packages. Sigh :-0.
re: What is the best shipping company?2_cheap
Jul 29, 2002 4:12 AM
I had a similar exp. with Parcelforce, they are awful. To be fair, the USPS is as bad or worse. I have shipped/received many bike parts/bikes from overseas and here is my rundown of the services from worst to first:

4. Parcel force/USPS
3. UPS (not bad, but can be slow)
2. DHL (pretty good)
1. Fedex (the best to track shipments)

The problem with the express shippers like fedex and DHL is that if they miss you or if the address is off by just a little bit, it's an absolute nightmare to get the package, and then it's stuck in wareshouse purgatory
Is USPS that bad?rengaracchi
Jul 29, 2002 5:26 AM
I didn't know that. Too bad considering how great their cycling team is.
re: What is the best shipping company?DINOSAUR
Jul 29, 2002 7:14 AM
I've used both FedEx and USPS and never had a problem. Late and tardy deliveries in my experience are caused by the company you order your product from.
IMHO....FedEx & UPS are tops, butcoonass
Jul 29, 2002 4:05 PM
USPS will deliver on Saturdays....that's been a plus; even though I generally don't have a choice of shippers (excluding overnight/2 day via FedEx) and DHL won't leave the parcel unless I'm home to sign (forget signing the notice to leave the following day; tried that for 3 days in a row) and I work for a living, so that means a 40 mile round-trip drive on Saturday to retrieve...and they lock the doors, even though they are SUPPOSED to be opened for business...'however, my business is important to them' :))