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Should Lance be the spokesman for "Share the Road"?(3 posts)

Should Lance be the spokesman for "Share the Road"?Cima Coppi
Jul 28, 2002 5:42 PM
A thought has crossed my mind as I watch the finishing stage of the TdF. Given the immense popularity Lance now carries here in the states, and the fact that the populous of our country embraces the actions and words of our athletic hero's, good and bad, should the cycling community expect Lance to promote safe driving in the presence of cyclists?

The topic is, of course, quite prevalent on this board, and nothing can seem to get the drivers of our country to give us any respect whatsoever. So I suggest that the most popular of all cyclists on our blue planet help out his fellow two wheeled companions, and tell the country of our long time plea: Cyclists have a right to safety on our nations roadways, and should not be intimidated by fossil-fuel consuming masses.

Currently, Tiger Woods is being criticized by the African-american community for not supporting the plight of these people (though not really 100% his people). Shouldn't we, the cyclists, the great minority, expect the same from our greatest role model who is 100% a cyclist? I, personally, think we should. I will not loose sleep over it if he does not, but I believe Lance owes it back to the sport to create awareness.

My 0.02 Lira's worth.

re: Should Lance be the spokesman for "Share the Road"?RickMTB
Jul 29, 2002 7:18 AM
Seems to me Armstrong has worked for cycling advocacy... both locally in the Austin area and in support of IMBA.
I was with you until you said he "owes it" to us.jtolleson
Jul 29, 2002 7:58 AM