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Cdale CAD7 vs Cinelli Starship vs Alliante(7 posts)

Cdale CAD7 vs Cinelli Starship vs Alliantecipolini2b
Jul 28, 2002 4:42 PM
Hello Everyone

I'm in the market for a new frame (already purchased a record group). I'm a cat. 3 racer, and do mostly crits. Currently, i've got an older Cannondale caad4 (99 model) with a chorus group. I've been racing it all year (my first year racing). Done about 15 races so far. The bike has been awesome (with the exception of some technical issues which the frame had nothing to do with...). I've done well with it, even crashed really bad, but i just upgraded to the threes and want any edge possible. I've (loosely) narrowed it down to the three mentioned above (Cannondale Cad7, Cinelli Starship, and Cinelli Aliante). They are all light, stiff, and expensive. I want one that will last for a couple seasons. I've been told that the starship "will only last one season". That really can't be, can it? How is the Caad7? I'm certain it's not very different from the cad4 save a couple grams, but that's all really. I want a rig that'll weigh between 15-17 lbs. Sorry about the long post, any info would be greatly appreciated.

If you race crits....spookyload
Jul 28, 2002 7:47 PM
I would seriously look at the Giant TCR. The compact design, light weight 2.2 lbs, and ultra stiff bottom bracket make it a Crit racers dream. The frame is just fast. End of story. I would be leary about riding it for 4-5 hour races(although ONCE does) but it is one fast and light rocket ship. I had the 2000 ONCE frame built with Dura Ace and it weighed in at the low end of 16 lbs. They will be releasing the Composite TCR as seen in the tour this year, and it is even lighter without losing the stiffness.
Jul 28, 2002 9:23 PM
I think you should stick with what you've got. The Caad4 frame is gonna be stiff enough and in a crit, that is what's important. Weight becomes an issue when climbing but there are more important things most of the other times.

If you really want to spend a heap of money, you could get some new wheels or components to lighten your bike. However coaching or investing 30 dollars into a self coaching book is all most people need to go significantly faster.

I personally don't think your bike is lacking anything that will cost you in a race. You're lucky to have what you've got, I say stick with it.
ditto the stick with itweiwentg
Jul 28, 2002 11:08 PM
if you absolutely must upgrade, consider the TCR (carbon).
my opinion on the Starship: it will last one season if you're a 500lb gorilla.
Keep itLC
Jul 29, 2002 9:19 AM
I would fix whatever is wrong with CAAD4, and continue to use the bike for crits. No reason to put too much money into a crit bike since it is just a matter of time before you crash and toast that frame. Take the Record group and put it on a nice frame for training and longer rides that will be more comfortable than a Cannondale. Not knocking Cannondale at all since I use one myself for crits too, but a nice steel, titanium, or carbon frame will be more comforable on a long ride. Even if you dont toast a frame, you could damage a component. I am sure you know how expensive a replacement Record shifter or rear deraileur is. I am crying right now about replacing a Dura Ace STI shifter that I toasted in a race a week ago, and if it was Record it would hurt even more.
re: Just go ride "read on"Steve A
Jul 29, 2002 9:33 AM
I have had a Cadd 3 Cadd 5 Cadd 6 and Cadd 7 (now)Every one is different. "Honest" but for crit racing the Cadd 4 will work great. Invest in some real light wheels The American Classic Carbon or Zipp 303 or 404, you will be blown away at the difference coming off turns. And that's what it's all about. The Cadd 7 is an honest 14 lb 11 oz ready to race rocket. It's also not cheap, what it is is stiff, way fast and cool looking. Check out Cannondale frame trade in program you can upgrade to a Cadd 5 and it will be lighter and newer and not a lot of money.
Keep frame, get new wheels. (nm)Turtleherder
Jul 29, 2002 12:46 PM