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forked off(4 posts)

forked offSruggle
Jul 28, 2002 1:03 PM
I have a Icon Rail carbon fork that has cracked in two different places. One section starting from bottom left about 1" up for 2 1/4" long and what appears to be a stress in paint or crack at the top right of fork below the rounded part coming down froim the steer tube which the crack is straight which looks to be an area where it is joined or spliced. The fork is an alumiminum steer tube. It is on a Trek 2200 with 5,400 miles. This seems unusual to me for this to happen. What I need help on is I am going to upgrade to threadless as this bike was the last year of the quill stem. I am 6' and 200 lbs. What do you recomend? It is a 1" not the 1 1/8 so I am told. I want to go with a quality fork not just a run of the mill set up. I am ordering a Crane Creek headset. Let me know what you think. Is a alum steer tube better than carbon for strength etc. Trek does not have a fork in stock for it so I can do what ever I want which I figure I will be putting out some dough for the upgrade.
Thanks Struggle
re: forked offJekyll
Jul 28, 2002 1:54 PM
1. Hard to argue (I'm sure someone will) with a Reynolds Ouzo Comp (al steer) or Pro (CF steer) fork. I doubt your weight is a problem with either.
2. Can the Cane Creek and get a King HS.
3. You will need a new stem (see #4).
4. Measure your current set up so you can get the same fit (or know how to alter your fit from your current set up).
5. If you do not know how, have your LBS remove your current HS and install your new threadless HS and cut your steer.
6. Enjoy.
A cautionKerry
Jul 28, 2002 5:02 PM
Not that there is a lot of data out there, but many have suggested that 1&1/8 makes a lot better application for a CF steerer than 1". My cautious nature would have me going with a metal (probably steel or Ti) steerer. YMMV.
I ordered todaySruggle
Jul 29, 2002 11:53 AM
I went with a Chris King headset, Pro fork and ITM stem. LBS will do the set up. It will be set up the same as before except I will be able to flip the stem as it will be a 5 degrees angle so I can work with that. Thanks for the input.