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Trek 5200 or Cannondale R2000(3 posts)

Trek 5200 or Cannondale R2000Downtick
Jul 27, 2002 11:25 PM
I'm trying to decide between a Trek 5200 and a Cannondale R2000, both with stocks parts. The 5200 is on sale for $1950 and the Cannondale is a little cheaper. I have read everything I can on the two bikes, but am really looking for opinions for true riders. I'm going to be using it for recreational riding and exercise, but I want quality. I'm 6'5" 275lbs. I used to ride an old Motobecane and it's long gone, so it's time for something new. I would appreciate any information and thoughts, and please send them to me too at:

Thanks in Advance
re: Trek 5200 or Cannondale R2000seyboro
Jul 28, 2002 3:09 AM
Although I ride a Palmares now, I still keep my original 63 cm Caad3 frame in a box in the shed. Cannondales make superb bikes for big boys (6'4", 255)and I would truly recommend them. Stiff enough, tough enough and their customer service was great to me (paint bubbled and they replaced the frame - no problem). After Lance's win though, it might not be as popular...
Considering the same two bikes...jtferraro
Jul 29, 2002 6:01 AM
Not sure which to go w/yet, as I'm still saving and still researching, etc. I rode the '02 CAAD5 R2000Si around and was surprised at how smooth it was, as I was expecting that teeth-chattering, stiff aluminum ride. I suppose the smoother ride is due to their wishbone shaped chain-stays? I'm looking forward to riding a 5200 now. I'm not sure what next years 5200 will be like, but can tell you that the '03 R2000Si is much nicer than the '02. The '03 is a CAAD7 frame(lower BB height), comes w/Krysirium SSC SL wheels, DA rear deraileur, and 3T stem/hb and only lists for less than $200 more!

Decisions, Decisions...I know.