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Somebody knows something about SCOTT TEAM ISSUE???(5 posts)

Somebody knows something about SCOTT TEAM ISSUE???MEDINA
Jul 27, 2002 2:14 PM
I see this bike in his website:
I think that looks very good and beatiful...anyone have this bike??? How much it costs? It´s possible buy only the frame?

A friend of mine has one...hayaku
Jul 27, 2002 5:24 PM
It's a beautiful looking bike. As pictured it is 7.1kg. You can buy the frame alone, but ironically if you're in the USA, I heard you can't get them there. (Scott "USA")

They are availible in Japan for around 340,000Yen I think.

It is a very stiff frame and has a thick seat post so don't expect too much comfort over long rides. And if you're going to buy a Scott frame, get this one, don't downgrade to the "Pro". there is a big difference in the stiffness.

Good luck finding one, check it out thoroughly before you buy it.
3400.000 Japan Yen (2,868 $) only the frame?????MEDINA
Jul 28, 2002 10:23 AM
This is the price of the frame????????????????? :O

Anyone knows the price of the frame or of the complete bike and where I can buy it on-line....

ups is 340.000 Yen (2,868 $).....MEDINA
Jul 28, 2002 10:27 AM
Not in USAFrenchPress
Jul 27, 2002 9:00 PM
Yeah, Scott USA stopped importing to the US about 5 years ago. I don't know why they still have the USA part in the name when you can't get them here, but I'm not French (despite what you may think).

They do look cool. And I wish I could still get Scott Drop LF bars. Loved those things.