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Quick ? have you anything to say about these bikes??(5 posts)

Quick ? have you anything to say about these bikes??african
Jul 26, 2002 4:40 PM
Viner and Daccordi, just need some opinions. Thanks and cheers.
while you are at it.....tandemania
Jul 26, 2002 5:50 PM
what do you think of this Viner airbrushed frame. Saw it at ebay and I am considering.
while you are at it.....african
Jul 26, 2002 6:03 PM
Well this is where I am ...........

I did see those on e bay. I just want to know if anyone has any experience with these bikes daccordi or viner the list goes on, fondriest or orbea, litespeed (which I have) or gosh I am a mess. I just want a new bike and I can't make up my mind, then there are all those friggen parts, which ones to get?
So many bikesgrandemamou
Jul 27, 2002 4:30 AM
so little time. I thought you were the tri guy but now we know the truth. You are a closet roadie. These are sweet. I doubt you'll get much feedback these are pretty rare stateside. Both Daccordi and Viner have an excellent reputations in Europe. While not common, you do see a few out on the roads.

As for parts, Campy would look nicely hung on these frames. Let us know what you end up with.
So many bikesafrican
Jul 27, 2002 7:38 AM
You hit the nail on the head. I am the tri guy, and yes a closet roadie. I gave them hell today on the ride. I think I got one of the sprints yeah!!

So many bikes..... I am going crazy.