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High End - Biggest Bang for the Buck?(5 posts)

High End - Biggest Bang for the Buck?B2
Jul 26, 2002 1:42 PM
OK - I'm sure there are better "deals" out there and LOTS more bikes out there so go easy on the flames. These are just the prices I found with a quick web search this morning and are somewhat approximate. As near as I can tell, the Trek, Klein and Cannondale prices are suggested retail. Hopefully they're in the "ballpark":

Seven Odonata (Record) - $5,000 (Seven Website + Build Kit)
Trek 5900 (DA) - $4,700
Cannondale R5000 Si (DA) - $4,600
Colnago C40 (Record) - $4,448 (Colorado Cyclist - Sale Price)
DeRosa King or C40 (Record) - $4,200 (Maestro)
Merlin Extralight (Record) - $4,100 (Excel)
Lightspeed Vortex (Record) - $4,000 (Colorado Cyclist - Sale Price)
Klein Q-Pro (DA) - $4,000

So what do you think? Which mfgr's top of the line has the biggest bang for the buck?

I'll go easy with my flame thrower...biknben
Jul 26, 2002 6:20 PM
If you're gonna throw down that much coin you should be looking beyond just getting some bang.

"Biggest bang for the Buck" is usually used to discribe a $1000-$1500 bike.

None of the bikes mentioned offered are deals. You pay a price to get the best. While on price, I think some of those prices are off. An Odonata for 5k? Frame and fork alone will cost you $3500. A C40 with Record for $4500? Does it come with wheels?

Take some of those bikes for a ride. Narrow down your list. Then consider which offers biggest bang for your buck.
Got sidetracked from original intentB2
Jul 27, 2002 5:03 AM
I'm not in the market for a new bike right now. I owned a Colnago previously and just recently purchased a C40 and am glad I did. Lately I've read several posts about how expensive a C40 is, so I thought I would look to see what other mfgrs have to offer in the same general price range. I was surprised to see how much some of the other models cost and thought (biased opinion here) how overpriced some of them are. In an effort to put a more "positive spin" on things, I asked about peoples likes instead of their dislikes. Probably a bad idea in any event. There is way too much involved to just look at a list of bikes and prices and say "that one" and generally speaking no one (myself included) REALLY wants to flame someone else's view of the perfect dream bike. This is one of those misguided posts you wish you could withdraw – sorry.

BTW - Seven Odonata @ $3,500 frame & fork + $1,650 Record Build Kit from Excel = $5,150. That's pretty close to $5,000 :-)

No brainerLazywriter
Jul 27, 2002 9:42 PM
Vortex at CC for $4000 is a awesome deal. More durable than the Odonata and any aluminum or carbon frame (in event of a crash plus a lifetime warranty. Colango sucks due to their ridiculous 1 year warranty. I have seen broken C40s on Ebay it happens and Carbon breaks down if fibers are exposed and one little slide on pavement can easily do that. z11 Carbon/Ti Record $3500 nmBrooks
Jul 29, 2002 9:42 AM