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Positive Nashbar Experience(3 posts)

Positive Nashbar ExperiencePsyDoc
Jul 26, 2002 11:32 AM
Nashbar just sent me a set of 2002 Dura Ace shifter/brake levers and warranteed my other set. I bought my other set in June of 2001, but they did not see any action until August. I got them from Nashbar, because they were on sale and they were the non-Flight Deck model.

Anyway, one of the inner levers started looking like it was corroding and the other had a spider web effect as if the finish was cracking. You could definitely feel the problem with your finger. The bike was never leaned up against anything. Could sweat have done this? Anyone else notice anything similar on their DA's? I called Nashbar and they said ship them back and they would replace them...and they did. The new DA's have a black dust cap inside the lever that prevents dust/dirt from getting to the area where the shifter cable goes. Of course, there is a small screw that holds this dust cap down...wonder how long until this screw goes missing...better break out the loc-tite.
*ANOTHER* positive experienceJS Haiku Shop
Jul 26, 2002 11:40 AM
sidi genius 4, size 46, fancy silver!
ordered friday, 7/19, 11 AM
received thursday, 7/25, 11 AM
$144 including shipping
re: Positive Nashbar ExperienceDave Hickey
Jul 26, 2002 11:48 AM
I had a set if Dura Ace levers with the same sider web effect. I think it's from the salt in your sweat. Mine were corroded only at the bottom of the small levers.