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Sheffield Cycles???(3 posts)

Sheffield Cycles???daneil
Jul 26, 2002 8:41 AM
Anybody know anything about this shop? I found some very nice deals on Look and Moser bikes in an old copy of Cycling Weekly, but they have no website address or e-mail listed. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about them and if the ship to the US. Thanks.
re: Sheffield Cycles???hinaults dog
Jul 26, 2002 10:15 AM
yes its a bike shop in burton upon trent
quite a cool shop but not what you would call
specialist they do some good deals and the staff
are pleasant no email in their latest ad but
still (end of june)some good deals on the
mosers, coppi and the mavic cosmos are
cheap i live about 25 miles away so if you really
wanted something i could try to help
re: Sheffield Cycles???daneil
Jul 26, 2002 10:39 AM
Do you know if they have an e-mail address? Or if they ship to the US? If you don't know perhaps you could give them a call for me and let me know? It's pretty expensive for me to call from the States. Thanks alot. You can e-mail me at Thanks John.