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So now my butt isn't sore and I have a question...(5 posts)

So now my butt isn't sore and I have a question...chris47
Jul 26, 2002 6:23 AM
Here's my question with some background. I'm a newbie who has put in about 40 miles a week (for two weeks) on my new Lemond. My longest ride is 15-16 and my shortest ride is 7-10. Now the question: does anyone know some good resources for training advice??? Books, websites, mags with good articles from time to time etc. are what I'm thinking here.

My short term goal is to join my g/f (who is doing Cycle Oregon in Sept) for a few 50 mile rides before the end of August and I'm afraid of ramping up too quickly in my enthusiasm. Oh, and why the HECK did I wait so long to get into this sport. There is NOTHING like riding along Lake Washington on the Burt Gillman at sunset. Holy Cow! Thanks for any replies.

Seattle, WA
some linksDougSloan
Jul 26, 2002 6:31 AM
Here are some links on my website: ; there are also links to lots of other links. Scroll down to training... The Ultra Marathon Cycling Association link as lots of training info, too.

Also buy some books. Go to Amazon and do a search for "bicycle training".

good seattle area books existCKS
Jul 26, 2002 6:36 AM
There are several good books about riding in the Seattle and Puget Sound area. Time for you to visit the book store for, and pick up- I don't remember all the names, but at least- "bicycling the backroads of puget sound" (or something like that). They provide great training routes, including how to ride around the lake (55miles), carnation/duvall, mt vernon, and others.

Also, check with the local shops- Gregg's, Montlake, etc, about group rides, these are usually the most fun way to get into it.
Is it safe to assume the same books exist for Portland???chris47
Jul 26, 2002 6:45 AM
I probably should say that in three weeks I'm moving down to Portland -- but I'm guessing that there are books/group rides/etc down there as well. Thanks for the replies and I'm going to check out Amazon right now!

soon to be Portland, OR
Is it safe to assume the same books exist for Portland???klay
Jul 26, 2002 9:49 AM
The Puget Sound books cover rides all over the region but I don't recall any rides south of Rainier. There's got to be similar books for Portland.

I was going to suggest checking out the web sites of some local clubs. does a good job. They link to a lot of good sites, rides. clubs, etc. They also have fitness rides all throughout the week with longer ones on the weekends. They run the gamut of fitness levels and paces. You also see them in the Weekend section of the Seattle Times. (there are probably a few in yesterday's paper). also has numerous links to Portland based cycling sites and clubs:

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