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Talk about Bob Roll and his thesaurus... What a card!!!(1 post)

Talk about Bob Roll and his thesaurus... What a card!!!spyderman
Jul 26, 2002 1:19 AM
Perspective on France
By Bob Roll Posted 7/5/02

I love my sweet little baby. She rides a Litespeed titanium trike. She goes on headlong bezerking, shirking preconceptions. She knows people got all kinds of problems -- the majority of which are exacerbated by driving cars.
She knows her daddy's got lots of problems -- the majority of which are soothed by riding his bicycle.

Friendly skies -- Durango to Denver, Denver to La Guardia, taxi to JFK, JFK to Paris, TLV to Lyon, rental Renault to Grenoble, Grenoble to Col du Galibier. Oh my goodness, this is truly the kingdom of the mountain Gods. This will be the first climb of this year's Tour in the Alps. If you appreciate a hard climb on your bicycle, this will lift you up into stratospheric rapture.

I hated France when I raced there. The chip and seal roads busted into goo by the summer sun seemed to drain life out of my body. The pastoral elegance so richly treasured by American tourists is nothing like you experience as a bike racer.

"How romantic"! The Tourons crow. Forgettabout it! After a few Tours you'd be excused in thinking the Tour men had seen France and all its beauty. But all you see is rundown hotels and guy's lycra'ed butts. Not so beautiful. Now though as a commentator, I have come back to France and have seen another side of French life that is far from the burning roads to perdition a Tour racer lives on as can be contained in the same country.

France is as glorious in its fecund creation vessel as it is debilitating and gloomy for the Tour racers. In this way, your purgatory as a racer is given more and clearer significance as you pass over into the heavenly repose as a past Tour raconteur and all France's glory is laid at your feet. Her gifts are best appreciated by those who've survived her cruelty. By watching the great race as it winds through the most glorious backdrop of any sporting event you too can get a sense of this beautiful and cruel dichotomy.