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Alright, I needed the money to pay for my Litespeed...(2 posts)

Alright, I needed the money to pay for my Litespeed...spyderman
Jul 25, 2002 11:59 PM
Man charged as bicycle-riding bank robber

By Associated Press, 7/25/2002 10:53

NASHUA, N.H. (AP) A man thought to be a bicycling bank bandit has been arrested while pedaling down the street after one robbery.

Peter Greico, 39, was arrested Wednesday afternoon on his mountain bicycle in front of Southern New Hampshire Medical Center after the Southern New Hampshire Bank & Trust was robbed. He was charged with two counts of robbery.

Police said they think Greico is the same man who robbed the nearby Acorn Credit Union on Monday.

''Just through the course of the investigation, we developed witnesses that (told) us they had direct knowledge that he was involved,'' Detective Sgt. Jamie Provencher said.

''The m.o. (method of operation) was identical asking for fifties and hundreds,'' Provencher said.

No weapon was used and no one was injured in either bank robbery.

In Monday's robbery, the robber wore a black ski mask and left it on while riding his bike down the street. In Wednesday's robbery, the robber removed the black ski mask he was wearing while still inside the bank, Provencher said.

''I swear I didn't do it,'' Greico continually told police in front of the hospital.

He waved his hands in the air as if to show he didn't have anything in his possession.

Police had not found the money taken in either robbery, Provencher said.

Two officers spotted Greico riding near the bank and stopped him. While he was being held in front of the hospital, police conducted a drive-by identification with two bank tellers.
riding a mtb? no wonder - he should have had hit the trail.AllisonHayes
Jul 26, 2002 3:52 AM
Now that wouldn't have happened if he would have been riding a C-40...:)

Wasn't there a similar incident involving a Steelman?