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Riparian Ramblings: racing, riding, commutting(1 post)

Riparian Ramblings: racing, riding, commuttingchar
Jul 25, 2002 10:38 PM
just some observations and comments

To the LoneFrontRanger: A speedy recovery. Allocation to the Trainer is downright awful. I setup the little tv on the ironing board and raced with Tafi, Musseuw, Andreu, Ballerini, Tschmil and others in the comfort of the back room. Also 10hr version of TDF, couldn't stay with the grupetto. on the climbs.

To the TrollJournalists: Great article in the July 15 New Yorker.
Seems to get less reaction here then the other articles from Houston, Pittsburgh, Seattle.

Good rebuttal/position about cyclists paying their way with our own Santa Rosa CC Bill Oetinger here(apologies to mrcelloboy.) And read part 2, very convicing argument.

The Enemy Within–Why roadies get no respect. As the resident bicyle commuter at the office, other folks ask me for routes, etc. Some are serious, others curious; bottom line is to offer encouragement. And I get a little respect, I tell my coworkers just have fun with what you do, here are some maps that are cyling oriented, etc. And oh, yeah, bought this bicycle for $50 and ride it everywhere. So my coworker is impressed enough, decides to do a longish ride and guess what happens. Cursed at in no uncertain terms on the "bike path" by "billboard cyclists," observed no respect for other people (tourists) sharing a bridge sidewalk. Essentially the "other riders" behaving like a car passing too close a cyclist, drill down to a cyclist passing too close to a pedestrian. I've oberved this for some time, so this feeds the the reports from the naysayers.

All you aspiring racers out there, especially Masters Men. Pay no attention to the advice to ride at the front to avoid the crashes. Just enter the race and do the best you can, you won't be at the front. BipedZed wrote the definitive way to upgrade. Hey, I'm still a "5" so I'm working on strategy.

Wine Country vacationers may want to check out for the local ride schedule. Lots of good maps to plot rides.

For stage race analysis, coachcarl is the unsurpassed best.