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Best place to buy beautiful Italian bikes(7 posts)

Best place to buy beautiful Italian bikesrengaracchi
Jul 25, 2002 9:47 PM
If you are considering investing on fine Italian bikes such as Pinarello, Colnago and De Rosa, look no further and visit Italian Bicycles home page below.

I bought Pinarello Prince from them, and my experience was first grade. Iftikhar, who owns and operates his business in England, is a wonderful person to work with. He takes a great care of evey customer he has and works very closely with us. If you have any question, no matter how small, just ask him. He will respond you promptly with detailed information. His prices are competitive to say the least. I wish we had many more people like him in this bicycling business in which we sometimes have to bend down to big cooperate greed.
nifty website nmDougSloan
Jul 26, 2002 5:45 AM
I second the recommendation!! (nm)zeke
Jul 26, 2002 6:37 AM
Where did you find this site??? [nm]jagiger
Jul 26, 2002 9:55 AM
My vote is Italy!js5280
Jul 26, 2002 10:56 AM
Nice site though.
re: Best place to buy beautiful Italian bikesflying
Jul 26, 2002 11:08 AM
Really nice site but.........
Price wise Maestro is way better.
A for instance is the DeRosa Planet he lists for
$1900 versus Maestro at $1218
That is a very big difference.

Same for the Colnago C-40 He shows $3000 versus Maestros
$2255 (that is with Star fork Spost & stem )

I always wonder why Maestro is so far below everyone in price?
RACycles in Brooklyn...wolfereeno
Jul 26, 2002 2:32 PM
FWIW, RA Cycles in Brooklyn has tons of exotic euro bikes in stock. It looked like they had every size and model of frame from Look, Pinarello, Casati, De Rosa, Colnago, Cervelo, etc hanging from the ceiling. They had at least 5 of those new Carbonisimo's or whatever they're called that were just too beautiful to look at. I bought a Kestrel 200 from them and am very happy.