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sell your C40 frameset for a pair of crusty old pedals?(2 posts)

sell your C40 frameset for a pair of crusty old pedals?Spirito
Jul 25, 2002 8:39 PM
i think i have a new ebay idol.

he only seems to sell rare french (mostly touring) parts and for quite a pretty penny.

the auction for the below pedals is now at $2500 counting...

he also has a set of simplex hubs for $1000+

an old light set (JOS dynamo and lamps) going for $2000

this one is reasonable. a french tourer (rene herse no less) is climbing steadily and so far is at $3550 and yet to meet its reserve.

and how cool can this cat get .... has a campy super record rear derailleur for auction but with the gall to list it as "stupid record" .... class !! (whistles, applause, cheers)

having scoured, sourced and hunted down some old parts myself to make a few bucks on ebay i must give credit and recognition to this guy. it isnt at all easy and takes a lot of time and incredible patience. i hope he makes a bundle as he seems to have searched far and wide and has amazing knowledge for all this stuff (check his other auctions).

hats off and glasses raised to him. just when i was getting cocky for selling a plastic water bottle for $140+ along comes this guy to put me in my place. i cant compete but am in admiration :-)

must make trip to europe soon.........

You never know with collectorsWalter
Jul 26, 2002 4:35 AM
esp. it seems Japanese collectors. Right now they're into French and willing to drop major $. A while ago it was Italian, particularly Cinelli. Now they sell for more reasonable money and the big $ collectors didn't nibble on that Mario Confente either. Instead 1950s French pedals are at $2500. Go figure.

You'll remember the $7100 PX10? Unfortunately for the seller the Herse is a little tall or it might have given that PX10 a run. Go French young man, Go French (at least if you want to sell old bikes for big $)

About water bottles. A year or longer ago I saw a guy selling 2 NOS Campy aero bottles and cages on infrequently visited Yahoo auctions. Started at 5$. I bookmarked it and promptly forgot and they sold for 10-15$. On eBay I've seen them go for $80 each and wanted to scream.

The moral(s): Don't forget your bookmarks and buy on Yahoo/sell on eBay.