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If this isn't an "athlete", then I am really confused(6 posts)

If this isn't an "athlete", then I am really confusedLazywriter
Jul 25, 2002 7:41 PM
That MSNBC article was an obvious put on or the guy is retarded. Legs, lungs and speed like that are not common amongst the best athletes. Lance could more easily play in an NBA game (not necessarily be any good though), but no one in the NBA could complete one mountain stage and I guarantee that.
re: If this isn't an "athlete", then I am really confusededmundtan
Jul 25, 2002 8:16 PM
I'd like to see ANY other athelete complete the TDF.

Presummeably, the journalist at MSNBC is a pot-bellied, beer guzzling, arm-chair jockey who doesn't know what he is writing about ...
Just because he writes I wouldn't call him a journalistlnin0
Jul 25, 2002 8:39 PM
The article, found here;

'If Armstrong is a great athlete, so are marathon runners. Athletes, for my money, must do more with their bodies than pump their legs up and down.'

So now he has not only discounted cycling but an entire era of Olympic and World runners. Yet what is all the talk about Marion Jones? Does he have some fantasy about her long jumping him or what? And how does running the 100 to this guy become more 'athletic' than cycling the Tour? If one is then why is one not?

'fringe sport'...oh, because YOU don't watch it, that makes it a fringe sport - just like World Cup Soccer. I think this is all he really needs to say to show how little he knows of what he speaks - but when has that ever stopped someone from becoming a journalist?

'most of the sporting world couldn't care less'...again his self centeredness shines through. He uses the term WORLD yet HIS world must be relegated to the United States. A very typical pompous American view of the inside of their tucus.

'For my money, being the greatest athlete in the world involves strength (like to climb up a mountain on your bike), speed (as in to ride faster than any other man), agility (as in to decend at 60mph), hand-eye coordination (as in to ride in a pack of 180 guys 1ft apart from each other and doing 30mph for 6 hrs), mental toughness (as in the ability to push your body beyond any limits in a 60km TT) and the ability to make your body do things that defy description(doh, got us there...that isn't required for cycling).'

It is all kind of stupid because anyone could make a dumb argument that any sport is not a some guy playing football who at best actaully plays 15 minutes during an entire game otherwise he is drinking gatorade and sitting on a bench relaxing. His entire sport/job is to run down the field and catch a ball...hmmm, I used to catch a ball when I was 5 years what if this guy can do it faster or with more accuracy...its still just playing catch.
Just because he writes I wouldn't call him a journalistcarpediem
Jul 25, 2002 9:49 PM
My thoughts exactly. I came over to the board because I wanted to see what people here thougt of the article--if anyone saw it. I was fuming this morning when I read it. More than that I was suprised that any responsible media outlet would print such trash.

The premise of the article was ok. Is Lance Armstrong the "world's greatest Athelete"? The question itself is flawed. How can you compare atheletes from different sports? Questions like these quickly denegrate to sophmoric arguments like we used to have on the bus on the way to grammar school--like weather Superman could beat up Godzilla? While Armstrong is an exceptional athelete, and one of the worlds best riders, I doubt that many on this board would even postulate that he is the greatest cyclist in history. THe future may still bear this out.

What really steamed me was that the guy tried to argue that cycling was not athletic and that it was a fringe sport akin to the logger's Olympics. Clearly this guy thinks that the US is the center of the sporting world. Notice how convieniently he left out endurance as one of the primary athletic qualities. He would have had trouble justifying the three American sports 2 hour competitions had he done this. The fact that he acknolagaes Armstrong as a Cartiovascular wounder should be enough to qualify him as an athlete at least.

This is precisely the kind of pompus chauvenism that gets americans in trouble in sports and international relations the world over. I believe that sports is a vehicle for world unity. If the US wants to truly be the leader of the free world we have to learn to play and respect the games the world plays. Soccer is one of them. Cycling is another. So sorry to inform you Mr Borges, American Football is not.

Chris Zeller
I nominate Mr. Borges to...tirider
Jul 26, 2002 8:16 AM
... a new Sports Cabinet Post in George Bush Jr.'s White House. With his typical American geo-centric attitudes he'll fit right in Georgie's circle of advisors.
Reminds me of the Bob Knight quoteJerryA
Jul 26, 2002 11:10 AM
criticizing a sportswriter, he said "Most of us learned to write in 2nd grade, then went on to other things."