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Surly or Soma experiences?(4 posts)

Surly or Soma experiences?trout_bum
Jul 25, 2002 4:49 PM
Anyone have any experiences with Soma Smoothie or Surly Pacer frames? Looking to get back into road riding-not racing but maybe some century rides. I like steel frames and I 'm cheap-I have a serviceble mishmash of Ultegra stuff I want to put to good use.

I 'm leaning towards the Surly Pacer because the 56cm should fit me spot on-but was wandering about the 6lb weight/slack geometry. Does this frame ride like a clunker?
re: Surly or Soma experiences?klay
Jul 26, 2002 7:02 AM
I have a Surly Crosscheck. I had it built up with Chorus 9 sp and Mavic open pro 32 spoke (it was a temporary ride while I replaced my Marinoni). Even with the lighter componenets, it rode like a couch.

That's about it - like a couch. That, and the paint was "soft"

I'm not sure you are going to find many Pacer owners as I think this just came on the market.

re: Surly or Soma experiences?JS Haiku Shop
Jul 26, 2002 7:09 AM
the pacer is brand spankin' new, i assume. i've checked their website bi-monthly for awhile, and just recently noticed it (yesterday). there's a surly steamroller in the garage at home, a 56, built up SS with open pros 32 front/36 rear, and it saw mucho mileage over winter. my second favorite bike...

as for weight and laid-back geometry, my steel merckx is 4.5# frame/1.5# fork, and it rides like butta. i'm a 200#er, so a light rig is not my first concern.

that pacer looks sweet!
re: Surly or Soma experiences?skidmarks
Jul 26, 2002 10:12 AM
since you mention Soma bikes, do you live in SF? if so, i saw a pacer in 56 at the freewheel bike shop. those guys are pretty cool so i'm sure they'll encourage you to take a spin.

also, i'm thinking about those 2 frames as well. i've got some parts and am looking for an inexpensive steel frame, long top tube, lax geometry. did you look into any other frames? do you know how much the smoothie frame weighs?

good luck.