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Lance Armstrong's training schedule at age 16(6 posts)

Lance Armstrong's training schedule at age 16thdrk1
Jul 25, 2002 3:30 PM
I found this article in "Triathlete" magazine January, 1988 under "Hotshots".

Monday: swim 3,000 meters, bike 50 miles (hard), run 4 miles.

Tuesday: swim 3,000 meteres, bike 30 miles, run 7 miles.

Wednesday: swim 2,600 meteres, bike 40 miles, (motor-pacing).

Thursday: bike 40 miles, run 12 miles.

Friday: swim 2,000 meteres, bike 30 miles, run 7 miles.

Saturday: bike 80 miles (hard).

Weekly: swim 10,000 meters, bike 320 miles, run 30 miles.

What were you doing in the 11th grade? I will try to post a picture of the magazine, but at this time it will not let me.
holy crap ... at 16, I was sitting on my duff. nmweiwentg
Jul 25, 2002 5:30 PM
re: Lance Armstrong's training schedule at age 16xcandrew
Jul 25, 2002 9:41 PM
So what did he do on Sunday?

I was pretty active, though I did maybe 1/3-1/2 of what Lance did. When was 15-16, I rode a 17+ mi. loop with a 1.7 mile/1100ft? hill in the middle(Hicks Rd. south of San Jose) every day after school, with longer rides on the weekend. I started running when I was 16 when my friends encouraged me to go out for cross country. I ran 8 miles the first day that summer, and 9 miles a day for the rest of the summer, which amazed the coach and others on the team. I didn't think too much of it because 9 miles a day was pretty much the same amount of time I spent riding (only 1 hr or so). I raced (road) one year as a Jr. and my first year in college, and I was a very good climber, the best on my college team, but I was really weak on the flats. Imagine 10 guys in the front group coming into a finish together at the end of a tough hilly road race... there would 9 people sprinting for the finish and me just off the back of the group. I consider myself mostly a runner now.
Jul 26, 2002 5:49 AM
Actually, I was running marathons, cross country, and track. Did my first marathon at age 15 (3:37). Most always did two-a-days, at least 100 miles a week. Nothing like that schedule, though.

At 16 I was swimming 25,000 yards a week (in season)Alex-in-Evanston
Jul 26, 2002 6:43 AM
Swimming was a two-a-day sport. Practice from 6-8 a.m. and 3:45-5:30 p.m. If you've got kids and you want to keep them out of trouble, get them into swimming. They'll be too exhausted to go out at night.

Why, I was playing that other sportMel Erickson
Jul 26, 2002 9:36 AM
GOLF! I was glued to the course. One day I did 128 holes! At the same age my daughter was doing 10,000 yds. a day in the pool for her high school swim team, 4,000 yds. before school at 6am and 6,000yds. after school. We went on a vacation with the grandparents in the fall and took the kids. My daughter was in the middle of swim season and needed to work out. Her coach gave her a schedule (and was none to pleased). She worked out daily in an unheated, leaf strewn pool, probably 55 degrees. None of this is what Lance did but there's alot of dedicated young "atheletes" out there.