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Why is it ...(1 post)

Why is it ...MXL02
Jul 25, 2002 1:50 PM
I hadn't ridden in 4-5 days and started feeling the usually endorphin withdrawal, so went out on a 30 miler just to get things moving again. Was riding along on the about mile 7 when all of sudden my saddle nose is pointing straight up...evidently I didn't tighten it enough the last time I was adjusting the saddle. As I pull into a parking lot feeling very embarrassed (as if all the motorists passing me are staring, pointing, and laughing), I pull out my handy hex tool and start going through the usual trials of trying to get the saddle oriented at least somewhat level and close to the position it was when I started. This goes on for about 15-20 minutes (seems like an know what it's like when you are not moving and the sun is baking you), finally get things worked out, and go along for a few more minutes, then get a flat tire. Anyway, finally get that fixed and continue...and I start to wonder, why is it that even a bad ride is the best part of my day?