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Training to improve avg speed(4 posts)

Training to improve avg speedjukosho
Jul 25, 2002 12:30 PM
Does anyone have a good routine for raising my overall avg speed in order to keep up with the group better? Thus far, my ride schedule is:
Tues - group ride(largely solo for me:)), 37 miles, most of the ride is at 75% MHR. Avg speed about 18.5

Thurs - intervals, 10 intervals, 3 mins on with 3 mins recovery. interval HR is ~168(85% or so MHR)

Sat - long ride, 50-85 miles, I try to stay 60- 70% MHR

Sun - recovery ride, about 22-28 miles, slow pace

These rides are all in the flats, tho sometimes I alternate saturday's ride to hills(which of course my HR changes with the terrain.

Would swapping Thurs out for more Time Trial type work be best for increasing avg speed?
re: Training to improve avg speedR600DuraAce
Jul 25, 2002 2:21 PM
This is what I have been doing and it is working so far. I don't train for better average speed but faster cruising speed. I do criss-cross interval training from 90% to 100% of LTHR to 100% to 106% LTHR. Then, I back off to 90% to 100%. I use my LT heart rate and not my MHR because I rarely hit my MHR. Second, I doubt that I can sustain the same power and energy outputs riding at my MHR for longer than 5 minutes. The criss-cross interval I do is pretty long. About 6 minutes in the 90% to 100% LTHR and just over 1 minute in the 100% to 106% LTHR. I do this about 3 times a week (30 miles each) and on my day off I do this same criss-cross interval over 50 miles. Throw in two 8% to 10% grade climb over a mile long.

You should find your LTHR and try to see how long you can hold it with the fastest speed you can ride at. Spin on the big ring if possible to stay around 90% to 100% of your LTHR. According to Joe Friel, to find out your LTHR you should ride and pedal as hard as you could over 3 miles of flat road. Record your average HR (it would help if your HR monitor gives you the average HR) and divided your average HR by 1.05.
re: Training to improve avg speedjukosho
Jul 26, 2002 6:35 AM
So, it sounds like the main objective is to raise your LT threshhold? I believe there are some exercises in Lance's training book for that specifically. THanks
Don't forget to do sprints. (nm)Breakfast
Jul 25, 2002 8:20 PM