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More idiot columnists from MSNBC(17 posts)

More idiot columnists from MSNBCPack Meat
Jul 25, 2002 11:06 AM

Are we threatening these people or something, what's with all of the attitude we've been getting. So this guy is saying that cyclists are not athletes?
May I propose a new rule?TJeanloz
Jul 25, 2002 11:18 AM
I propose that before one post a new topic, they first review all of the topics that are currently on the front page of the board.

Maybe nobody else is annoyed, but it seems like we see several consecutive threads of the same story- why can't this just be posted down under the thread already regarding this article?
Sorry Testy, I didn't see that one.Pack Meat
Jul 25, 2002 11:34 AM
I looked through all of the Topic lines and didn't see anything that jumped out as being associated with this article. But now that you pointed it out it's all clear to me. Maybe your rule should be about the Topic line being more descriptive.
Fair enough,TJeanloz
Jul 25, 2002 11:48 AM
It doesn't really bother me, but lately it seems to have creapt in as an actual problem. Yesterday (or the day before) a half-dozen people posted about a Pitt Post-Gazette writer, today there are four about the MSNBC writer.

It really isn't about you or this specific post- I just think that it's courteous to check the entire board before you post something. To me it smacks of: "what you posted wasn't important enough for me to read, but I have something really interesting to say."

I might be totally off base, Lord knows it's happened before.
Jul 25, 2002 11:53 AM
So the topic line that said: "Check out this MSNBC article" didn't tip you off that it might be the same MSNBC article?
Havin' a bad day, T?!? ;-)) (nm)RhodyRider
Jul 25, 2002 12:02 PM
As a matter of fact, I am, thanks for noticing (nm)TJeanloz
Jul 25, 2002 12:04 PM
Ha, I didn't even see that one, I thought you were referingPack Meat
Jul 25, 2002 12:07 PM
to the one that cycling is a fringe sport.
My e-mail to MSNBC (pretty long)DrPete
Jul 25, 2002 11:47 AM
Here it is guys... what do you think?

My respect for Ron Borges and for MSNBC have reached an all-time low after his inflammatory bashing of Lance Armstrong. It is clear to me that Mr. Borges has never truly ridden a bicycle beyond his driveway or the local park. His criteria for an "athlete" include "strength, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, mental toughness and the ability to make your body do things that defy description."

1. Strength- Lance Armstrong's power output to his pedals has been measured as among the very highest in the world. It's documented. The amount of energy that he transfers to his bike is, I'm sure, equal to world-class runners.

2. Speed- Lance's cadence (the rate at which he turns the pedals) is usually around 100rpm, faster than any cyclist in the world in the mountains. He's also the king of the time trial, in which cyclists race against the clock for the fastest time.

3. Agility- Ever try riding down a windy mountain road in a crowd in excess of 60 miles per hour? People who have had lapses in their agility have fallen hundreds of feet to their deaths in the Tour De France and other races.

4. Hand-eye coordination- Again, try riding a bike at 30 mph, then surround yourself with other people who are trying to beat you. Pretty easy, huh?

5. Mental toughness- Pain and suffering are the hallmark of endurance sports, and cycling is no exception. Mr. Borges, try riding 100 miles and then finishing off the last 15 miles up an unrelenting mountain. As a recreational cyclist, I know that slowing down, stopping, and going to a lower gear are thoughts that plague the mind of any cyclist, but Lance Armstrong has, time and again, proven that he can and will push himself harder than anyone in pro cycling. Finally, THE MAN HAD CANCER 5 YEARS AGO. Think it might take a little mental toughness to make it back to the top of professional cycling in 2-3 years?

6. Ability to make your body do things that defy description- This one's just ridiculous, but let me give you an example. In the Pyrenees in this year's Tour De France, Lance Armstrong has been able to explode away from his competitors almost at will. Also, the riders have ridden over 2000 miles on their bikes. Most riders consider just finishing a 100-mile ride to be a huge achievement, and the Tour riders do it twice as fast on harder terrain, then get up the next morning and do it again. It defies description for me...

Let's talk a bit more about your criteria...

1. Offensive linemen in the NFL must not be athletes because they are neither fast nor agile.

2. Runners must not be athletes because running doesn't require any particular hand-eye coordination. Hurdlers and relay runners, don't worry--Mr. Borges still thinks you're an athlete.

And the list goes on and on...

Mr. Borges, the only thing that you have successfully demonstrated in your article is your glaring ignorance when it comes to cycling. I encourage you to pick up Lance's bike from your local bike shop (you can buy one for $5000-$6000), hop on and ride 100 miles on nice, varied terrain with a couple long climbs and a few 50+ mph descents, and if you come back alive I'm sure you'll have a new opinion of cycling as a sport.

good response!AllisonHayes
Jul 25, 2002 1:02 PM
I wonder if these people ever bother to read the responses and if they do, whether they even care.

Why not have a true decathalon of pros (not that TV pablum they do)with cycling as part of the sport and then invite athletes from these different sports? Of course it would have to be a century ride -- and I seriously doubt if any of the other athletes could even finish.
actually, offensive linemen are pretty fastrufus
Jul 25, 2002 1:19 PM
some of them can do the 40 yd dash in 5 seconds. that's faster than i can, and i don't weigh 300 pounds.

of course, that's as far as they can run, but....
My e-mail to MSNBC (pretty long)rbol52
Jul 26, 2002 7:42 AM
Great response. Your points are all dead on. But as a high school offensive line coach (who loves to ride!) I can tell you from personal experience that while the big boys in the pros can't do what the TdF riders do, they are amazingly quick and very fast for those short bursts. Both cycling and football pros are great athletes, in the truest sense of the word, in their chosen work and I admire both.
MSNoBodyCares: so, did we just double their readership or what?djg
Jul 25, 2002 12:15 PM
No doubtMel Erickson
Jul 25, 2002 1:01 PM
Given the way advertising is done on the web the number of clicks certainly is used to bill/market their site (along with other measures). I'm surprised we haven't seen more of this type of opinion than we have. A mainstream site like MSNBC has to play it a little closer to the vest than, say, to maintain a modicum of credibility but where opinion pieces are concerned why not stir the pot as much as the market will bear? It's just good business!
Borges Contact info...skyfallen
Jul 25, 2002 2:44 PM
Borges, Ron
Sports / News (617) 929-2849
Jul 25, 2002 5:46 PM
Thanks for the info... I sent to the generic "letters to the editor" at MSNBC, so I resent a copy to him, and I had time to come up with some other stuff to put into it!

Now I know that MSNBC will call anything journalism....
96% disagreed with him.husker
Jul 25, 2002 6:49 PM
According to MSNBC vote totals, 96% of more than 26,000 voters disagreed with his opinion. Perhaps he feels like crap now. Perhaps he also knows that he is an idiot, too.