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aero seatpost post follow up(2 posts)

aero seatpost post follow upPack Meat
Jul 25, 2002 11:01 AM
This is the response I got from Bicycle Sports (John Cobb)about the aero seat post questions.

"Put on the round post. Turns out aero posts don't work. The air is too disturbed by that point. The aero post doesn't channel the air properly off the bike. We have preached aero post for years. Turns out we were wrong
after an in depth study we did 2 years ago."

That was a quick response, that's pretty cool. I didn't want to poke them in the eye and ask them about USPS using aero posts.

This is what I sent them:


In the Velonews article about aero tech stuff at the Tour you had the quote below.

"...when we were working in the wind tunnel trying to figure out why aero' seatposts don't work, which they don't - ONCE would be a lot faster if they got rid of theirs."
What does it mean?
I'm building up a Giant TCR compact bike similar to the Once bike for the State TT championships and I already have both an aero post and a round post so there is no expense for me to put either on the bike. The bottom line is if the post makes as little as a 15 second difference over 40k, I need that 15 seconds, after all it would be free time. So which post should it be and why?
Thanks in advance.
USPS not using a seatpoststr8dum1
Jul 26, 2002 6:44 AM
USPS are not using a seatpost. they have a mast. the surface area of the mast is huge compared to the seatpost.
totally differnt things and very different aero qualities.

just like the cervelo post. it is much longer and thinner than the giant aero post. not the same thing.