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Not cycling: drivers aren't the only CRAZY ones from Texas(1 post)

Not cycling: drivers aren't the only CRAZY ones from Texastronracer
Jul 25, 2002 6:02 AM
Via Drudge: a lovely story about some two-bit rapper Eating a Woman after smoking PCP:

[A] medical examination shortly after Singleton was arrested found blood and flesh not belonging to him in his stomach. "Her chest was open, exposing internal organs," Jankowski said. Pieces of her right lung appeared chewed and torn, he said. The detective also said he found a broken three-inch knife blade near her left shoulder.

Ysais' friend Alisa Allen testified that about noon on April 10, she saw Singleton--who goes by the stage name "Big Lurch"--naked on the street.

His chest, stomach and mouth were covered in blood, she said. "He was looking toward the sky," Allen said.

Allen flagged down a police officer, who arrested Singleton. She then went up to her apartment and found her friend, whose nickname was "Pocahontas," lying dead on her bedroom floor.

"She was cut up really, really bad," Allen said slowly, holding back tears.

Ysais' boyfriend, Thomas Moore, testified that he and Singleton had been smoking PCP in the apartment the night before.

The victim's mother, Carolyn Stinson, sat in back of the courtroom. "That's so gross," she muttered under her breath during Jankowski's testimony. "[The police] told me not to believe the rumors, but they were true."

Some of the Sick F*ck's lyrics:

Comin, pumpin
brain waves wit no assumptions
I'm ready to ruin somethin
if you want it, come get it I'm bumpin
wigs, get split quick, f@ckin wit this, you don't understand
this ain't yo average man
matter fact I'm a buck, buck, buckin
an leavin you shell struck an I'm dumpin yo ass wit precussions
no disscussions, juss bustin 9 millimeters disperstin
and the worse you been cursed, in a hearse and
watchin all you extersions
lay down to your knees and your worryin
evaporatin for purgerin, an disturbin 'em
hit the nerve and then
we sweet swervin
back to the hood to get a lil bit mo pervin.

(with Mystikal)

I'm one of the fresh mutha f@ckas tattooed for the murderin
and didn't nobody have to go and bury him.

I'm walkin down the street wit a glock
an my loons ain't to be played in this game
nigga I'm hurtin 'em.
:: 10:08 [+] ::