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I was lucky today!!!!!(3 posts)

I was lucky today!!!!!rwbadley
Jul 24, 2002 9:52 PM
What an interesting day it was.

First off, I had pulled into the top of Spooner summit to use the facilities, when I see what I thought at first was a large dog eating amongst the garbage cans.

I walk over and start telling him to go on and get the hell out of there. He turns around and looks at me, I realize it's a fairly good sized BEAR foraging for remnants! Of course now my tune changes slightly.

I tell our friend he should be ashamed of himself, he ought to be watching his diet, not eating all that plastic and unhealthy stuff. I am now backing away slowly. To my surprise he just looks guilty. It's like he's saying "I know, but I can't help myself it's soooo good!" Kind of the same look I give my wife when she discovers I just finished most of a quart of ice cream. So we look at each other for a while then off I go. I was Very Thankful I didn't get more 'in his face' than I did, otherwise I may have lost mine.

This evening I rode about twelve miles to our local uphill TT. It's an eight mile climb at about 7%. I was a bit late arriving, and was surprised to see a huge turnout for the ride. I figured I would be going last, but was instead placed up first.

So the crowd goes down to the start area. I grab the bike and start to ride over. I then notice that wobbly feeling from the front end. Oh jeez, great time for a flat. So I make the repair, and now I am in line to go about dead last. This is fine with me, as I hate being passed all the time anyway!

All I could think of the whole way up (and down) was how glad I was the flat didn't happen on this wicked 45mph descent. Another case of a cloud with the silver lining.

A good day to you all,

Wow, you barely escaped danger twice in one day!AllisonHayes
Jul 25, 2002 5:06 AM
Doggone, yer one lucky fella. I hope you're not feeling deflated by the experience...

Maybe you should thank La Madonna di Ghisaglio - the Church of the Cyclist. You would be in good company...

i (When the pro cyclists retire they often donate their medals, bicycles and prizes to this little chapel in Italy.)

Doggone, Deflated, very punny! nmrwbadley
Jul 25, 2002 7:31 AM