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Bad drivers.......... A funny thing happened.........(3 posts)

Bad drivers.......... A funny thing happened.........DannyBoy
Jul 24, 2002 5:43 PM
I was riding to work today and a car from the approaching lane of traffic pulled out in front of me as it was turning right (I'm in NZ) across the flow.

I nearly went into his bonnet, but managed to hit the side of his car, sending me up the road, and nearly under an oncoming car coming from the opposite direction.

I went mad, for a bit, largely because he couldn't understand what he'd done wrong, claiming he couldn't see me? He evidently didn't see the car 3 feet behind me either as that had to screetch to a halt.

I borrowed a mobile and called the cops - who never came. At this point bad driver dude wanted to leave and wouldn't give his details.

I got the last laugh tho, I'd swiped his car keys earlier so he couldn't drive off. He kept offering me money not to involve the police. As the cops were a no show I made him drive me to the cash point and give me 700 bucks!!!

Part of me was thinking that for a torn lever hood and scratched brake lever, a few bruised ribs etc $700 bucks was quite a good result.

Now I'm angry that he didn't look, didn't even see why I was angry (having quite nearly been killed by him and oncoming traffic) and that the cops didn't show, also no one stopped so I didn't even have a witness had they turned up!!!!

Cyclists get a raw deal! Don't know what point I'm making, but the 700 bills isn't making me any happier. This tool might kill someone one day. Maybe if the cops had turned up he still wouldn't have been posecuted, but at least it'd have shaken him up a bit!

Adding insult to injury in New Zealand motor insurance isn't compulsory like it is in the UK (where I'm from) - so no laws broken there, and you are'nt allowed to sue for bodily injury????? Go figure.

Anyone else had similar?
Sort of...........tronracer
Jul 24, 2002 6:40 PM
I was traveling behind/next to a vehicle on a one way street. No turn signal + a slow left turn. I was riding a fixie, so I locked up the back wheel and kind of skidded into the turn with him. Now I'm on his left a bit in front of him. And he gases it?!?!? Hit me and knocks me off my bike. I offered to forget about it for $100 to fix my now tacoed wheel, but he refused spat out some profanity and sped off. I got his license plate though and now he's got a major lawsuit on his hands.
You're lucky!rwbadley
Jul 24, 2002 10:07 PM
I'm glad you weren't hurt bad. You came out OK it sounds like. Traffic IS a raw deal.

I am sure if the bear I ran into today had ripped me apart, he would not have been coughing up 700 clams for it! (see above post)

I knew a guy (twenty years back) he bought an old beater for 100 bucks, two days later an uninsured hit him, he jumped out and demanded 500! She coughed it up. Best 100 dollar car he ever bought, he says.