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Detailed maps of France, Italy, etc....Perhaps a Topo Atlas?(2 posts)

Detailed maps of France, Italy, etc....Perhaps a Topo Atlas?AllUpHill
Jul 24, 2002 2:44 PM
Hey everybody. I'm sure a lot of you use the DeLorme Topo atlases that are published for each state ... I know I use mine a lot (and their TopoUSA software as well). Great detail on obscure roads, mountains, and such.

Is there any equivalent or comparable thing published for, say, France? And what is the best way to get them in the U.S.? Something with a lot of detail as far as the small winding mountain roads that the Tour (and Midi Libre, Dauphiné, etc.) goes over, and which preferably has topographic contour lines. Would be fun to look at the race routes in more detail, and a necessity if I were going to go ride the famous climbs some day.

In doing a little searching I ran across a Michelin Atlas of France at some online map stores ... is this the kind of thing I'm looking for? There was a tiny sample image of one page in it, but I couldn't discern how close the scale is and how much minor-road detail it has.

Thanks for your help.
re: Detailed maps of France, Italy, etc....Perhaps a Topo Atlas?mapei boy
Jul 25, 2002 11:02 AM
The Michelin Atlas of France is a wonderful document. It includes every itty-bitty road and town. It names the various Cols. Wanna know where the Tourmalet is? It's here. While it does not get heavily into topo, it uses chevron-style marks to show steep road gradients. Its city maps (such as the one of Paris) aren't the greatest, but that's the only thing about the Atlas that is less than top-notch. The Atlas is available at travel bookstores. It is also available at the larger, more complete general bookstore outlets.