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Doug Sloan.....(2 posts)

Doug Sloan.....tronracer
Jul 24, 2002 12:14 PM
I've also got a 2002 Pista. The first thing I did was swap the tires for Armadillos. These things are virtually flat proof...not one since last November using it as a daily commuter. I probably averaged 3 hours of use per day. Since I was intent on mastering fixed riding, I rode without a brake for awhile which led to some mishaps, but let's not get into that again. Then I replaced the plastic crank bolt cover, which cost me a whopping 99 cents (why doesn't bianchi just include that?). I put bullhorn bars on it and a dia compe front brake & lever. They made the bike really cheap, but my headset pitted and the bottom bracket creaked after a few months and no amount of tightening fixed it. XT bb and a record headset did though. BTW, you put the front brake on the right hand side...aren't you worried you'll get used to using the front brake w/ the right lever? How do you like the ride of the Pista? Mine is a 53, real stiff. Oh, and how did you put that water bottle cage on? I'd like to do the same thing. Thanks.
my PistaDougSloan
Jul 24, 2002 2:41 PM
I now have Gatorskins and 2 pound inner tubes installed. 'Nuff said.

I like drop bars. Lower the better, baby.

I have all my bikes set up with right hand front brake. It's not confusing that way. I had a Dura Ace brake caliper lying around, so that's what I threw on. Stopping without brakes is possible, but sort of hard on the knees and takes a while. Plus, it's not legal.

I changed gears several times. Other than adding the front brake and changing saddles, it's pretty much stock. Oh, I did add RivNuts for bottle cage mounts since that picture was taken. I didn't like that add-on bottle mount, as it moved the cage too far from the tube and would not fit on the complex shaped downtube. RivNuts work great.

I love the feel of the bike. Nothing better than getting up at 5 a.m. and getting a quick 20 miles on it.