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Best job in the world?(7 posts)

Best job in the world?steve-z
Jul 24, 2002 9:32 AM

Unusual way to follow the Tour
This year the Tour de France is being followed by many journalists, but one in particular has caught our attention, his name is Jon Donnison. This 30-year-old radio journalist has decided to follow the Tour in an unusual way: on a bike.

How on earth did this guy come up with an idea like that? Last April, following a vacation where he travelled from Barcelona to Nice on a bicycle, Donnison decided that it would be a great experience to try and follow in the footsteps of the Tour de France riders.

He immediately proposed the idea to his BBC producer and it was well received. He is the first journalist in the history of the Tour de France to try to accomplish such a feat.

The Sheffield native has ridden 2,900 km so far and for someone who is an amateur rider, the Tour stages are a difficult test. But so far, Donisson is doing all right. He told us that for the moment, the most difficult stages have been the flat ones around Brittany and Normandy because there was a lot of wind.

On the other hand, he has been incredibly good in the mountain stages. He actually climbed the Mount Ventoux in one hour and 29 minutes, just half an hour more than Armstrong and faster than many members of the peloton.

How does he do it? In order to get a head start on the peloton, Donnison leaves half a day before the stage begins. He rides half-way and stops for the night. The following day he waits for the peloton, takes a glance at the riders and then heads for the finish line.

In order to withstand such a physical challenge, Donnison eats three very healthy meals a day, drinks eight litres of water and goes to bed early. But hitting the sack early is a tricky thing for the BBC journalist as he does not have one single hotel reservation. When luck is in his hands, he manages to get a hotel room but this does not always happen and he has been forced to sleep under the stars quite a few times so far.

All throughout his amazing journey, Donnison has met many people. Some have been kind enough to offer him food and others have given him helpful advice -- one that marked Donnison the most came from a French fan.

After having ridden for so many kilometres, Donnison began to suffer a lot of pain in his groin from the bicycle seat. The French fan told him that the best way to get rid of the pain was to put a piece of raw meat in his shorts in order to make the area softer. He went on to add: "the best thing to do after the race is eat a soft piece of meat!"

With 800 km left in the Tour, Donnison's confidence has grown stronger. His amazing results throughout the stages have drawn the attention of other journalists and maybe next year there will be others who will be willing to take up the challenge.
nope; still doesn't beat Playboy photographer nmDougSloan
Jul 24, 2002 11:49 AM
What about Playboy makeup artist? nmjose_Tex_mex
Jul 24, 2002 11:53 AM
good point(s) nmDougSloan
Jul 24, 2002 11:55 AM
Porn Star? nmtronracer
Jul 24, 2002 12:06 PM
Porn Star? nm only if your the pitcher. nmJuanmoretime
Jul 24, 2002 12:59 PM
Depends on your costar(s) nmUncleMoe
Jul 24, 2002 2:05 PM