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Anybody from Petoskey or Harbor Springs, Michigan???(4 posts)

Anybody from Petoskey or Harbor Springs, Michigan???PaulCL
Jul 24, 2002 9:00 AM
I'm going the HS on vacation next week. Of course, I am bringing the bike. My questions...

Is there good riding in the area?? Is it hilly or flat?? (a gearing question) Any good LBS to hook up with and/or club?? If I ride early AM (6am) will I need long sleeves in August?? Any other input for me??? Will my wife be POed if I try to ride five of our seven day vacation??? oops, don't answer that one..I already know the answer.

I checked for the area. I couldn't read the maps well, but it appears that the hills in the area are at 800ft above sea level....that could be fun.

Thanks. Paul
Little Traverse BayKerry
Jul 24, 2002 4:44 PM
Mostly hilly, though you can vary the degree of hilliness depending on road choice. A great ride is to head north on Pleasant View Road (by the ski areas) and continue to Bliss. Head back west to the lake shore through Cross Village and ride M-119 back to HS. Some big hills, not not that steep. M-119 is an arboreal tunnel for much of its length.

The gears you need depend on you more than the hills. Fit riders have no problems riding this area with a 39/21, but some prefer a 24/28 triple. No one can predict your gear need.

I'm not from HS so don't know of a club connection, but the LAB has a membership list (are you an LAB member? that I use whenever I need to find a ride group in a new town.

In northern Michigan, you might need long sleeves and tights on any summer day, or you might not. I always take arm warmers and tights when I head north for an extended period - you just never know. Check the Weather Channel just before you leave. It was about 50 degrees in Petoskey this morning, and in the mid-40s inland.

It's great riding - you'll love it. Stop by a local bike shop for ride advice.
re: Anybody from Petoskey or Harbor Springs, Michigan???Carbon fiber fanatik
Jul 25, 2002 1:58 AM
I live more inland than HS, but have ridden in the area. You will enjoy it..! This isn't a plug, but check out brickwheels on 8th st, in traverse city. It's the largest bike store in the area. If you are feeling energetic, there is an awesome century on sunday the 28th called the "black bear". It starts in Grayling and ends up in Oscoda.

Ride on..!
take two bikes...husker
Jul 25, 2002 4:58 AM
Take your mountain bike and ride through the Manistee National Forest. It is not to far away, and it is absolutly wonderful. Not to hilly, single track, not life threatening.