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North Carolina Cyclist Killed In Thunderstorm(3 posts)

North Carolina Cyclist Killed In Thunderstormabicirider
Jul 23, 2002 1:13 PM
Just wanted to post this to remind everybody that severe weather shouldn't be taken lightly.
Yesterday afternoon in Gastonia NC (about 20 miles west of Charlotte) a group was riding when some thunderstorms showed up the group turned around and tryed to head out of the storms but couldn't a bolt of lightining hit a tree which in turn fell on one of the group riders (Carl Anderson 46) and killed him this was a road ride. Really makes you wonder. I live about 25 miles north of charlotte and many times have gotten caught in pretty tough situations. I look back especially a few weeks ago when lighting struck within about 15 ft of me and really thank my blessings. I guess the bottom line is beware of the changing weather around you.

Ray Still
Mooresville, North Carolina
re: North Carolina Cyclist Killed In Thunderstormaliensporebomb
Jul 24, 2002 2:50 AM
One thing I've thought about in situations like that is - try to be riding in an area
where there might be shelter. Like under a freeway underpass or if there is some
kind of shelter (phone booth, convenience store, picnic shelter).

Very sad story, I live in Minnesota where thunderstorms are way too common. I'll
have to be extra vigilant now.
That's sadbigdave
Jul 24, 2002 8:53 AM
Boy, that's terrible. In those sort of situations, there might not be any shelter nearby and you're just at the mercy of Mother Nature.

I recall being in a similar situation... weather blows up, torrential rain, big wind... hard to even see 20 feet ahead. Then lightning. We rode down this one road, and started to turn back home. 4 miles later, the storm blows over and it's ok again. A few of us turned back to go out again, and we rode back on the exact route we took when the monsoon hit. Sure enough, a huge oak tree had split due to lightning and was all over this guy's yard. I have no doubt it happened shortly after we rode past it.

Hearing the sad story of the cyclist who got killed makes me realize how fortunate we were that day... and to try to be smarter on rides when we know there's a strong possibility of riding into some nasty weather.