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Windsor Touring Bike(3 posts)

Windsor Touring Bikerdksn
Jul 23, 2002 10:29 AM
I have found a touring bike thats about 15 years old in new condition, stored inside. The name on the head tube says Windsor. Theres a sticker on the seat tube that says "Tange/Tsunoda/Cr Mo." I guess that means the bikes frames is cr mo and the tube were made by Tange? I can't find any other infomation about this bike. Bike is like new except for the tires. Does anyone know anything about this bike or where I can find any info.
According to Sheldon Brown...cory
Jul 23, 2002 10:53 AM
I remember the name but no details. Did a quick search (slow day...) and found, as usual, Sheldon Brown ( There are some links in this that might be helpful; I can't figure out how to make them work from here, but if you check the Web site you'll see 'em:

"These were really fun bikes from Mexico. They made generous use of Campy parts, and the top-end frames were Cinelli knock-offs. When you see a Cinelli frame with holes-in-the-lugs, using a 27.2 seatpost, say "Windsor painted-like-Cinelli". There are more than just a few Windsors floating around out there with Cinelli decals. A Windsor is nice, but it isn't a Cinelli. Windsor frames tended to use fairly heavy tubing that made for a stiff but dead ride. Figure that an N.R. equipped Windsor in guideline condition should have a value of around $ 700. The Winsdor track bikes are very nice - in guideline condition they should be worth around $550."
Sheldon Brown's the manWalter
Jul 23, 2002 11:33 AM
Great resource isn't he?

Tange is a Japanese tubing. Some of their stuff was an equal to the best Columbus or Reynolds had to offer some was just plain. I don't remember which was which though.

No collector's going to faint over a pristine Windsor but if all it needs is some rubber and you're looking for a ride it'll give you good service.