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Speedplays & .883 saddle formula(3 posts)

Speedplays & .883 saddle formulaJefferson
Jul 23, 2002 6:01 AM
I am running speedplay X2 pedals with Sidi shoes. I have always used the formula of inseam measured in stocking feet with a level then multiply this measurment X .883 to get saddle height. Do I need to lower the saddle slightly to compensate for the lower pedal to shoe height? Was this formula developed for Look users?
I do not think so...PsyDoc
Jul 23, 2002 6:40 AM
..., but some have said that you do not adjust your saddle height if you change shoes/pedals. I have always placed the heel of my Sidi's on the pedal (with the leg fully extended) and set that as my saddle height.
re: Speedplays & .883 saddle formulalegs
Jul 23, 2002 7:10 AM
that formula predates clipless pedals.. and is just a guide.. in general you subtract a couple or three mm's if you are using looks (and more if using something with a lower profile over the spindle like speedplays)..
I think the best bet for saddle is to put down the ruler after the initial measurement and go by what your body is doing in the saddle..

how extended is your leg at the bottom of the stroke? (too low or too high)
are your hips rocking? (too high)
are you reaching for the pedals? (too high)
are you only using your quads? (too low)

you have to listen to your body and let it tell you what the right hieght is..
a video camera or a friend will go a long way in helping you in this...

I set my saddle as high as it will go until i rock my hips.. and then i back it off until the rocking disappears..
and then i go just a hair behind kops and check for rocking again... and that is right for me.. its much more organic than relying on a number.. once i have that hieght i measure it.. and see where it falls into various formulas just for kicks, be it lemond or the old one about the heel of your foot resting on the top of the pedal at full extension...

fitting is like cooking from a recipe.. there is more and less to it than following a formula.. at some point you have to go by feel... itis not a mechanical process unless you are replicating fit from bike to bike...

that's my opinion anyway