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TDF Boring or what??(16 posts)

TDF Boring or what??flying
Jul 22, 2002 3:22 PM
I dont know but it seems so this year to me anyway.
I know LA's on another level but why isn't anyone catching up? To his level I mean.
Otherwise I dont want to watch another year or two of this non racing. It is just not as exciting as years gone by.

Its a lot like watching Microsoft buy up all the talent & murder all the competition. What is worse is it seems as though the other teams believe it too.

I am in no way bashing LA I think he is awesome. I just want more......... racing......not surviving.
I dunno maybe just rambling ;-)
re: TDF Boring or what??tmotz
Jul 22, 2002 4:15 PM
I don't know about killing the competition,but the tour seems like a big chess game.LA plans his moves like a grandmaster.The other teams know how he trains and prepares for the race,I just don't think they plan as well as he does.
Armstrong 4 : Yankees 3lnin0
Jul 22, 2002 4:57 PM
I agree to some extent although I still love to see the other guys hash it out for stages. But it does get a bit boring watching the same guy dominate year after year with the least bit of resistance.

I don't get it. These other teams have seen Lance train for the last 4 seasons and know how he does it so why has no team started to follow his lead - are they entrenched in their old ways that much?

On top of that everyone acts scared to challenge him. Boy do I miss Pantani - at least that guy had balls to match his mouth. He gave it a real go and to hell with it if he failed. Only first mattered, nobody remembers the guy who held on for 2rd. Trying and quiting OR never trying at all - which one would you rather be known for?

Armstrong has not been challenge or pushed - everyone is so worried about keeping their 2nd and 3rd places that they just sit back and ride contently next to LA. Yet would he look as strong if day after day someone new took up the cause to try and dethrown him? I don't think we will ever know - at least not for another 3 years.
Not while Jaja is attackingTig
Jul 22, 2002 5:04 PM
Jalabert has been incredible to watch this week. I wish one of his efforts had turned into a stage win. He has gained even more respect than he already had. He is still a class act with a never give up attitude. Who know's if he will again attack from a great distance?

David Millar and Bradley McGee's wins were great moments, and even though Virenque can be a jerk, I was happy for his courageous win on the Ventoux. The man truly EARNED it!

Raimondas Rumsas will be worth watching as he tries to move into 2nd place over Beloki. The battle for the green jersey will be hot to the end.

Sure, Armstrong has now taken out the thrill of the yellow jersey contest and will almost certainly keep it, but there are many other worthy stories in this year's Tour worth watching. We will some day look back and remember being fortunate to watch the great LA win 4 (and hopefully a few more) TDF's. Thank's go out to OLN for bringing coverage to our homes.
re: TDF Boring or what??Elefantino
Jul 22, 2002 5:08 PM

As Beloki said today, the fight for the other two spots on the podium is going to be a battle. Rumsas is a revelation. Basso is proving to be a surprise. And Leipheimer, while a dark horse, is worth rooting for.

I think it's going to be a fun last week.

Why boring?js5280
Jul 22, 2002 5:41 PM
Okay, we all know Lance is top dog and rides with impunity in this year's tour. It's been predicted since last year's tour. Still there's always the unexpected. We've seen it already w/ the mishap a few stages back that postponed Lance's takeover. Other unexpecteds; Virenque taking Ventoux w/ authority, Botero winning the TT sans fancy TT gear, etc. Of course seeing Lance go out on a mishap would, in my opinion make the tour a disappointment, but it certainly would be exciting from the resulting scramble that would ensue. However, that scramble is still taking place. Barring catastrophe, who is going to finish second and third? Green jersey? King of the mountains? JaJa, Igor, Erik, Robbie, Beloki, Levy, Roberto, Oscar, Kivilev, Stuart, Botero, and Tyler all came to play this year. Except the yellow jersey, I feel like it's been a pretty exciting tour so far.

Without a doubt though, Lance is defining how the TdF will be raced in the future. So far, no else is challenging that definition, thus Lance continues to dominate. However, I believe that other teams will adopt the strategy that Lance and the USPS has taken and future tours will be even better because of it. I doubt that Lance will have as easy a time next year, or the year afterwards. There seems to be a big shakeup going on, especially in terms of sponsors. My guess is that we'll see a sponsor that supports a similar Lance/USPS focus on winning the TdF very soon. I think Lance's legacy could help elevate the TdF to a Superbowl or World Cup Soccer status in terms of popularity and commercialism, for better and for worse. Everybody loves a winner, but people love seeing a winner get toppled even more. Maybe some day the Tour de France will be mainstream and not tucked away on a high-channel cable station stacked between repetitive Lincoln Navigator advertisements.

Lance dominates now so there's not as much short-term drama, but I can guarantee any drama that is missing now will be back when someone/some team decides to take the same approach and tries to knock Lance from his perch. I'm sure Lance wishes someone would do it, and do it soon. He's motivated by competition and I'm sure wants the legacy of the world's greatest cyclist. Without competition, even six TdF wins will be diminished if nobody decided to show up with their A game. Lance has redefined the Tour, but all the other riders are still playing by the old rules. Let's hope next year, somebody will be as determined and prepared to win next year's tour as Lance will be. It's good for cycling.
Why boring?bic
Jul 22, 2002 6:27 PM
As many have said better then I. There has always been an on going change of teams. How many are here now that where here ten years ago. And what is new about a team being built for the TDF. What where the teams that Hinault or Indurain were on? And does anyone use the term boring when they talk about Merckx and how he won? Lance does not win because the others don't show up without their A game or because they don't show up. He wins because he is the best at what he does.
Why boring?capnjim01
Jul 22, 2002 6:39 PM
If I wanted to win the Tour I would work on my mountain climbing, don't the other teams know that is where Lance will excell and win the tour? I know it's not about the bike but is it just me or has anyone else noticed that 5 of the top 10 riders are on American bikes. So much for old world craftsmanship.
Why boring?js5280
Jul 22, 2002 8:06 PM
I agree that teams are/were built in large regard to the TdF. However I've never heard of any other riders/teams who've had the single-purposeness that Lance has for the TdF. I'm no TdF expert, far from it, maybe there has? Some say Lance has become a TdF specialist and I think that will be a trend in the sport. Lance has proven it's a successful strategy. Since this seems to be a year of team turmoil, I think that next year may be the year where we see significant talent collected in a single, TdF focused team (hmmmm, think it could be a French team?) to challenge Lance and the Posties head on making for a much more exciting race for the yellow jersey. I just don't get the feeling this has truly happened yet but will soon. . .
this year has been...dustin73
Jul 22, 2002 8:21 PM
boring. i don't know why. maybe just 'cause i'm not seeing it live (on OLN) or something, but it just isn't exciting. maybe it's 'cause it's become expected that LA will win? it was kinda interesting when i saw how god ONCE was, but eh...after these past few stages...yeah. USPS pretty much puth them in their place.

so far, all i know is Quickstep will combine Mapei, Lotto, and Domo Farm Frites.
this year has been...yeah right
Jul 23, 2002 7:23 AM
not exactly...

from what i understand there will be a quickstep team and a lotto-domo team. with the quickstep team taking over most of the mapei riders and some of the lotto and domo riders who won't have contracts thanks to the mandated size limit of teams to 25 riders.
Why boring?bic
Jul 22, 2002 8:24 PM
With regards to Lance and the Postal team I would agree that they are of course geared to first wining the TDF. Perhaps it's an American mind set of wining that which brings the most focus, press, etc. But I also think other teams have the same focus. Once, Telecom before Ulrich's injury, CSC, and perhaps a few others. As for any rider becoming a TDF specialist? It was done before Lance. And I think one could say it's the Tours own success that's the reason. The bigger one gets the more someone wants to win. Anyway, I have been a fan for 30 years and hope to enjoy the great coverage for another 30!!!
re: TDF Boring or what??ripper
Jul 22, 2002 8:34 PM
BORING? you people are nuts! explain again....what exactly is it about witnessing a soon-to-be legend of cycling at his finest that is boring?. either this is a perfect example of mtv generation, piss poor attention span, ritalin skipping a.d.d.r's, or you people have a lot to learn about racing.
re: TDF Boring or what?? Yes Boringflying
Jul 22, 2002 9:46 PM
Like I said in the original post.........
NOT to take anything away from LA

What is making this boring?
What is up with the other teams? Are they as others have said content to race for 2nd? 3rd? green jersey? polka dots?

That is how it seems to me. Yeah I am just an arm chair director but, it seems nobody is willing to take a chance on blowing to toughen up the race from the start. To put Postal under such pressure as to NOT have a postal train leading up every important final climb.

Come on they all played caution race & played right into Postals strongest hand.

No team wanted to risk 2nd or 3rd place in trying to WIN the TDF. This is just my opinion but it is how ot looks to me.

remember the days when folks like Stephen Roche collapsed at the mountain top after chasing down Delgado? That is the kind of all or nothing racing I like ;-)

Once again it is not about Lance or his lack of ability it is about all the rest that I am complaining.

Once team why not put it all on the line when you had 7 or 8 guys in the top 10? Push it toughen the race & maybe only LA would be left standing at the FOOT of the final climb...maybe

Telekom? What did they have to lose? Risk it all if nothing else they would have someone up front 80% of the camera time & that is winning for the sponsor right?

Some have said Jaja & I agree he has been a breath of fire in this ice cold so called race.
Maybe they can't.Len J
Jul 23, 2002 4:10 AM
I think you are mising one important point.

Bruneel has commented that Lance is the most genetically gifted bike rider he has ever been around. It is the coupling of theser genetic gifts with his incredible work ethic & focus that has produced his run of TDF wins. No one out works him but I suspect that if most (if not all) of his competitors worked as hard as he, he would still win because of his talent.

In addition, all other contenders ar on sponsored teams to whom there is great value on a podium finish. Yes winner is most valuable but second or third is still valuable. With 8 mountain stages, and 21 stages, a rider interested in the podium can not afford to burn themselves out to go for a stage win at the expense of finishing the tour on the podium.

I think this tour has been anything but boring. The race for the point jersey, JaJa's breaks for the polka dot jersey, the emergence of Rumsas, hoping/wondering if Leiphymer or Hamilton will make it into the top 5, seeing how strong Heras really is and watching a great cyclist dominate day after day (C'mon, you aren't going to say that Lances 26 second time loss due to a crash wasn't exciting) all have kept my interest strong. Couple all of that with some great finishes (Miller winning on Saturday, Vinrique on Sunday to name 2) and you have a great tour so far. With one week to go and 3 mountain finishes and a time trial, it still isn't in the bag. How much better do you want it?

the general consensusstik__boy
Jul 23, 2002 7:26 AM
is then that its not the tour thats boring, or lance, but the other teams and their respective riders lack of testicles and go for the overall win. you can see it in the face of his opponents, "this is lances race to win, we'll sit back and if something happens to him then we'll be poised for the win" they are beaten before the race begins by a man,and a teamthat is redifining what it takes to win the tdf.