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Doing the first century thing!!(3 posts)

Doing the first century thing!!empacher6seat
Jul 22, 2002 2:51 PM
I finally decided to do it!! The ride will be happening in the next 3 weeks. The ride will be from here (Victoria, BC) to Parksville. I'm doing it with a friend of mine, and we're meeting up with some friends in Parksville and staying for 3 days to relax on the beach, then doing another centry home. The only part I'm worried about is the Malahat Drive, which is a short mountain pass that goes from sea level to approx. 1500 ft. I have no idea if that's a lot of climbing or not, but I'm sure it'll feel like it with a 53x42 double and a 11-21 7 speed casset. Also, the Malahat sports lots of windy roads with small shoulders, then huge cliffs on your right. The rest of the trip is fairly flat.

Any tips or words of wisdom? How much food should I bring? Any help would be appreciated. I'll be posting lots of pictures when I get home.
Cool route!Miklos
Jul 23, 2002 5:33 AM
Are there any supported rides in that area?

1500 feet could be a lot if you haven't done any climbing before. Once you are used to it, it is fairly easy. I would have trouble with your gearing, but I am 235 lbs. If you are light and not carrying much weight along with you, you should be fine.

For food, I would plan that by the ability to purchase food and snacks along the route. If towns are close enough together, just take a couple of energy bars for emergencys. Take several water bottles or a hydration pack. You do not want to run out of water.

Good Luck!

Cool route!empacher6seat
Jul 23, 2002 12:42 PM
There's quite a few charity rides each summer, and a number of bike clubs that do long rides around the island, I believe.

THanks for the advice on the food and water!