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Road vs. MTB Pedals & Shoes?(5 posts)

Road vs. MTB Pedals & Shoes?mark_2811
Jul 22, 2002 11:46 AM
I'm going tonight to pick up my new road bike (Cannondale R700). I'm wondering about getting separate road pedals & shoes or just using my mountain stuff. What are the advantages of road shoes over mountain shoes? Is it worth the extra cash?

re: Road vs. MTB Pedals & Shoes?tronracer
Jul 22, 2002 12:05 PM
I think for the road stuff, the difference is only that you have more surface area on the pedals, you can't unclip from both sides, and you have less float. There may be more differences, but I've never used road specific pedals, shoes. I just use my mtb stuff. I assume the road stuff is better for the road being designed for it and all, but it is not necessary.
I prefer mountian shoes and pedalslaffeaux
Jul 22, 2002 12:07 PM
Road pedals and shoes advantages:
- lighter
- flat underside of pedal is safer if you "catch a pedal" in a turn
- shoes can be stiffer

Mountain pedals and shoes advantages:
- you can walk around off of your bike easier
- double sidded entry makes for easier starts at red lights (better for commuting)
- single set of shoes for both bikes (cheaper and easier)

If you race go with a road specific set-up. If you like to ride and be able to get off the bike and walk around (stores, restaurants, scenic over looks, etc.) the mountain bike set-up is more comfortable.
re: Road vs. MTB Pedals & Shoes?mapei boy
Jul 22, 2002 1:37 PM
When you are actually on your bike, pedaling, road shoes and pedals are considerably more comfortable than their mountain counterparts. In all other aspects, from ease of clipping in to being able to walk around, mountain shoes and pedals are superior. Do not underestimate, however, the comfort differences between using road and mountain pedal-shoe combos. It can be profound; especially when you are using a top end road combo like a Carnac shoe and a Look pedal. Just for the record, this opinion comes from a guy who, mountain bike-wise, wears high-end Sidi racing shoes...which have been used on SPD, Time ATAC, and now Eggbeater pedals.
probably MTBcyclopathic
Jul 22, 2002 3:46 PM
you're mnt biker and gonna use road bike for training, at least for now. as it was pointed above mnt pedals/shoes are better for all around riding (centuries, commuting, riding in traffic etc) you will never have trouble to walk around or clip in in the dark. If you later decide to race crits you'd need to get road pedals, clearance can be a problem