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IRC Red Storm Classic tire experience ?(4 posts)

IRC Red Storm Classic tire experience ?treeman
Jul 22, 2002 6:37 AM
Hi everyone,
Not sure if this should be here or under components. I see these tires on the lower end TREKs. They seem to be very inexpensive and they look good. Does anyone have any experience with them? Rolling resistance, punctures, tread life, cornering, etc.?

I am just getting back into biking. The ten year old Giant road bike I just finished over-hauling needs new tires. (It's not like my old, departed Gitane of 30 years ago!). I'm looking for "middle" level quality tires for casual/club riding - $20 to $30 dollars each. Durability is a priority, followed closely by performance. I think I want 700 x 25's (not 23's) for the comfort factor. I have considered Panaracer (Sport) and Continental (Ultra2K or GP) so far. Any other opinions?

Thank you all.
re: IRC Red Storm Classic tire experience ?RickMTB
Jul 22, 2002 7:51 AM
Just replaced the Red Storms that came on my LeMond Buenos Aires with Vredestein Fortezzas. To be fair, the Fortezzs are a more expensive tire, but I immediately noticed a much faster ride and even though I went from a 25 to a 23 tire the ride is no less comfortable.

I'd recommend going with the Continentals you mentioned, or a Michelin Axial Pro (often on sale in your price range) or perhaps a Vittorio Rubino (perhaps on sale in your price range).
Absolutely nothing special about themfiltersweep
Jul 22, 2002 4:47 PM
They are a rather generic tire... and they definitely feel "softer" than a racing tire (higher rolling resistance). They seem to be fairly durable, but most "cheap" tires ARE more durable than a racing tire (and are correspondingly more heavy).

If you look around, you can probably get a NICE set of something better for $30 each (I've found Michelin Axial Pros at that price). I'd shoot for paying half that for IRCs.
But,confused by reviews: better = more cuts?treeman
Jul 22, 2002 5:20 PM
When I read the reviews on this site of the so called "better" tires (Axial Pros, GP 3000's,GP, etc.) it seems like the performance is great, but a lot of people complain about easy cuts (glass, etc.), poor sidewall durability/blowouts, etc.. What gives?

Again, I'm a re-born rider that won't be doing any century rides until at least next summer - just easy jaunts in the country on typically bad Michigan roads. A balance of durability, performance, and price is my goal.

I used to ride tubulars (30 years ago) and tire selection seemed easier back then - you bought whatever the LBS had in stock. this internet makes too many options available!

Thanks all.