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USPS and the Vuelta: who will support Heras?(1 post)

USPS and the Vuelta: who will support Heras?NeedSpeed
Jul 22, 2002 6:34 AM
Okay, at this point I think we can all agree that so far, Heras is the ace in the hole for Lance. The strength of the team has been awesome and Rubiera hasn't even peaked yet. My question is this: after le Tour, Lance, George and Floyd will certainly be coming back stateside to do the whole press tour. In fact, the entire team might come back to New York. The first weekend of August, Lance will be racing in NYC and the team will probably support George to try to get him to win SOMETHING this year. The Vuelta a' Espana starts a little later in the month and then come the World Championships and the San Francisco Grand Prix in September. My question is this: who will support Heras in the Vuelta.

At this point, Postal OWES it to Heras to set him up with a support team just as strong as Lance's TdF team (though clearly, Lance calls all the shots). Who do you think will go? I can only be certain of maybe two or three riders: Chechu Rubiera, Christian Van de Velde and maybe Dylan Casey. These guys should be fresh and ready to ride a 3-week grand tour. But who else? George's concerns will be stateside. We KNOW Lance won't go. Landis may be fried as well as Joachim and Pena and Eki. Chann McRae rode the Vuelta last year and did well enough for Postal to sign him for the full season, so he may ride again. But who else?

And BTW, I will dance in the street when we finally get two or multiple U.S. teams in one of the grand tours. Just seeing Rabobank and CSC supporting USPS in the Ventoux stage, all working for their American captains (or co-captains in Tyler's case) gave me goose bumps.