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Cadence q. at low speeds.....(2 posts)

Cadence q. at low speeds.....Tim Field
Jul 22, 2002 12:21 AM
I'm trying your (very helpful) advice about spinning between 85 and 90 rpm. I used to grind the cranks on the MTB at about 60 -70 but I've just bought a road bike and I'm working on technique. My biggest problem is cadence up hills. This drops to 60-70 when it's steep, do I just have to get fitter to cope? are you supposed to get out of the saddle when this happens? Just wondering if anyone's got any general tips.

Also been looking at SPD's for my mountain bike \ racer. How important is it to use road SPDs? Do you actually go faster or is it a comfort issue. The only pedals that seem to offer both are egg beaters, but these are tiny and I'm not convinced.

Many Thanks, Tim
Pedals mainlyhayaku
Jul 22, 2002 5:12 AM
With your cadence, keep trying. I may take a while to get a smooth, high cadence going up hill but when you do, it will make a big difference on long tough climbs. It will be better for your knees and for your overall riding.

As far as the pedal question goes, I think you'll get a lot of responces saying that MTB pedals are fine. I used MTB pedals when I first started riding and thought they were fine until I got some SPD-Rs, I thought the SPD-R system was great until I tried some Looks and I thought they were great until I got my Speedplay X2s.

You can use MTB pedals on a road bike, they will fit but my very unscientific opinion is that Road pedals have been designed for the demands of road riding and will be benificial.

I have found that the Speedplay cleat system offers a stable platform with enough float to keep my knees pain free. Some people worry that you'll lose power with too much float but in my experience, your knees don't twist more than they need to and there's nothing more detrimental to training than a knee injury. Worth the extra investment.

Good luck, I hope some of this has been helpful.