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My red face, Fridays word of the day...(2 posts)

My red face, Fridays word of the day...rwbadley
Jul 21, 2002 9:25 PM
On Friday I post a question to the group that was showing my lack of knowledge, or misunderstanding of a word that has regional meaning, but may be understood differently elsewhere.

My understanding was derived mainly from some movie or two, 'common knowledge', and a song by Randy Newman. I discovered this understanding to be a false one, or possibly the lowest form of the term.

We in America, live in a great big beautiful country. I have not been as well traveled throughout the States as I would like. I was born and raised in the Northwestern region, where a cracker is taken to mean a thin edible wafer and that's about it.

My post was based on curiosity; to find out the meaning of a word that seems bandied about as mostly the punchline of a joke, or an epithet thrown at others. Not out of disrespect to a historically honest, productive, and honorable group of people.

I did find great humor in some of the responses recieved to my initial post. Thank's all, for that bit of levity.

Some of the other posts caused me alarm, and indicated to me that maybe my understanding of the term was incorrect.

To all of you True Blue Mackadoo's out there, my apology is offered, and I hope you will accept it in good faith.

You know RW (aaar dubbya) has been sucking too much sunAllisonHayes
Jul 22, 2002 6:30 AM
when he starts calling himself Booger and issues a public mea culpa to rednecks. :)