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When to lube, clean or tune up a new bike(5 posts)

When to lube, clean or tune up a new bikeavitar
Jul 21, 2002 12:22 PM
My new bike is just about 3 months old, and I have 400 miles on it. Its a Mongoose Bosberg, Colombus Aipplane Aluminum Frame, Carve carbon fork & seat stays, all Ultegra except a DuraAce rear dr. Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheelset. (Suprisingly good for a Mongoose...) Is there something I should have done as maintence? I wipe dirt off, but have done nothing else. I do not ride in the rain. Is there a break-in tuneup... or lube that should be done? or can it wait until the end of the season.
you should atleast oil the chainishmael
Jul 21, 2002 1:54 PM
I'm not sure when to oil it, I do it about every 200 or 300 miles(depending). Dont just pour it on and go though, drip it on the links only and then after letting it sit for awhile wipe off as much as possible otherwise it will collect dirt. Clean your rims where they meet with the break pads also. After awhile check the break pads for tiny bits of metal, especially if they sound rough. I also sand the pads twice a season to bring up a new surface. make. you'll also want to check your headset and hubs for play(looseness). This is important and once corrected your bike will ride much nicer. It's easy to check for and correct but I've written enough. Pull glass out of your tires. Adjust your deraileurs if they need it. Cant think of anything more.
oo and one more thingishmael
Jul 21, 2002 3:43 PM
get a new chain after awhile. The chain will streach and eventually break, but even before that happends the cogs in the back will get worn down so that they wont work with the new chain. So you have to change your chain even it is running fine or you could end up in my situation I was in, in which you get a new chain because it keeps breaking but it's too late and you now have to replace the cogs in the back(cassette) and even the chainrings. Otherwise it wont stay in gear. Chains are cheap but cassettes and especially chainrings are not.
Jul 21, 2002 3:47 PM
Even if you ride a lot you wont need to do this more than once a season. Maybe twice if you ride ten speed or do a lot of miles, but you dont.
re: When to lube, clean or tune up a new bikezooog
Jul 21, 2002 3:07 PM
great advice from the previous poster. I think he hit on all the major points