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report: Speed Dream Wheels by Dave(3 posts)

report: Speed Dream Wheels by Davecoonass
Jul 21, 2002 10:01 AM
I rode my new Aero Speed Dream wheels this morning (got'em Friday)and I give them a 6-star rating (out of 5)..I have Ksyrium SLs on another identical bike (DA on one, Record10 on this morning's bike ride) and I wouldn't be upset if I had the Aeros on both they are ~110gms lighter than the SLs and about $300. cheaper.... (total wt = 1435gms...and that's w/flat, steel spokes)
A couple of my riding buds took it for a spin, and all they could say is "WOW!!"
Jul 21, 2002 4:32 PM
I love my speeddreams too. After 4000 miles, I still am amazed at how light and stiff they are. They even support my 185lbs+ without screaming in pain.

I did pop a spoke on Wednesday. Dave supplied a couple of extra spokes on the initial purchase, so there was no problem with my spoke repair. First time with a problem after the initial return due to a defective rim - Dave rebuilt and replaced the rim without question or cost.

Enjoy them! Paul
Thanks ....and I'm sure I will...coonass
Jul 21, 2002 5:12 PM
I fluctuate between 182# & 185# too, and the ride this morning was almost like in dreamland...smooth as silk and probably the most comfortable ride I've ever experienced in 22yrs....even rode a very steep hill and one longgggg hill in the 39x25 & 90°F/90%Humid....heart rate was up, but the feet never touched the ground :)) (don't ask at what speed I rode; just making it was the victory) These wheels are the equivelant of upgrading from a $500 bike to a $4500 bike....the difference is absolutely astounding.