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Old Klein or new Trek Klein???(9 posts)

Old Klein or new Trek Klein???ronniedee
Jul 21, 2002 7:33 AM
I am really close to making my first purchase on a roadbike. It's a Klein Quantum spec'd with full 105 for about $1500 (new). The color is white that fades to silver.

By the stock color, can you tell where it was made (Chehalis, WA or at the Trek Plant)? And does it really matter?

Also, does anyone have any comments on my choice for a first roadbike? I'll be using it for fitness training/recreational riding.

re: Old Klein or new Trek Klein???ronniedee
Jul 21, 2002 7:45 AM
Also, it looks like the 2002 models are made of the ZR9000 aluminum alloy that the Trek 2300 is made of. According to the Klein website, the 2002 model is lighter, stronger, and more durable, due to the ZR9000 alloy.

But all of the classifieds that I read state that the models manufactured within the Trek plant are inferior to those made in Chehalis, WA. Is there some truth this, or are these statements mere sales tactics to move the used bikes.

Can anyone help? And since I only weigh about 160-170 pounds on a 5'11 frame, is strength and durability really going to be an issue for me?

Please help!!!

-Confused wannabe
re: Old Klein or new Trek Klein???DINOSAUR
Jul 21, 2002 8:17 AM
I doubt that there is any difference between the "old" Klein's and the "new". It sounds like an advertising scheme.

I don't think Gary Klein would compromise on the quality on his bikes. The only difference as far as I know in that they changed the location of their plant.

Now with that in mind, in I saw a killer deal on an old new stock Klein Quantum Pro fuslage and had the extra money, I'd jump on it.

Or~ email Klein and ask them, don't be surprised it you get a reply from Gary Klein himself...I bet he tries to push one of the new QP-Carbons on you...I'm sure they are an awesome ride..
re: Old Klein or new Trek Klein???Juanmoretime
Jul 21, 2002 8:37 AM
The only real difference between old and new is cosmetic. Klein used to hand file it's weld and you couldn't see a weld. Now days, in a cost saving move, Klein's welds look like they came out of a tooth paste tube compared to Kleins of old. I haven't rode a new Klein but freinds who have tell me the ride quality is the same they are just not as pretty. Older Klein's also has a pressed in bottom bracket and now the use a standard thread in bottom bracket. This was a good move. The old bottom bracket may have been a little stiffer, but you were at the mercy on the LBS if you needed to change spindle lengths or replace the bearings unless you wanted to pop for $500 worth of tools you seldom use and are becoming obsolete.
re: Old Klein or new Trek Klein???DINOSAUR
Jul 21, 2002 8:44 AM
Do you know what the new QP-Carbons go for? I've never seen a price listed for them. Cosmetics was one of the alures of the Klein bikes. I haven't seen one of the new bikes yet..interesting..
Doesn't look good to me.Spoke Wrench
Jul 21, 2002 10:39 AM
Four or so years ago, Klein dabbled with a lower cost mountain bike that was made in the Trek plant in Wisconsin. It didn't sell well and was discontinued.

I just got a Klein catalogue for the 2003 models. Klein will continue to offer a DA and an Ultegra equipped road bike with traditional geometry and traditional (for Klein) painted graphics. Klein is also going the compact geometry route with 105 or Ultegra components. That bike looks to me like it has Trek-like decal graphics. I think that they lose some of the Klein mystique just like a Porsche 924.

I'm glad that my Klein was made in Chehalis. It has a sticker at the base of the down tube that says so.
re: Old Klein or new Trek Klein???thejerseydevil
Jul 22, 2002 5:32 AM
I think that the Silver cloud color speced with 105 is a 2001 model and should be made at the old Klein factory in Chehalis. Does it have Rolf wheels? Thats another sign it was made at the old factory. It should also have a silver American Flag sticker that boldly proclaims it was made in Washington state.

I think its a good choice for a first roadbike. Check out some of the reviews on this site.

Pros for a 2001 (speaking as an owner of a 2001): Quick handling, aggresive position, very stiff but not too rough, gorgeous paint and detail work, very light, climbs like a rocket

Cons: Maybe too stiff for some (more jarring than say a nice butted steel bike or carbon)
re: Old Klein or new Trek Klein???gs6769
Jul 22, 2002 6:40 AM
I think jerseydevil is correct that the paint scheme sounds like a 2001. Good lookin'! Again, check for the Rolfs and Chehalis on the downtube.

Mine's a 2000 w/ 105 and a better bike I couldn't imagine. Missle on the flats, climbs better than I probably deserve, IMO, as comfy a ride as any as long as you're into 'stiff' but not 'brutal'. A frame made with L.U.V. Welds all but invisible and oooooh that paint.

One of the best things about the Chehalis Kleins is that a Quantum is the same awesome frame as the Quantum Race which has Ultegra and somewhat better finishing kit, making the Quantum well worth any upgrade as the years pass. A cycle you can grow into and will grow with you.
re: from the LBS...ronniedee
Jul 22, 2002 1:52 PM
I called another dealer in the area and he said the Trek manufactured Kleins will begin with the 2003 models. I am not sure if that is the truth for all Kleins or just his inventory (did not think to ask while we were on the phone together).

The major difference is the ZR9000 Aluminum alloy. However, he said Klein will begin introducing a compact frame down the road (I am not sure which year) in order to reduce the number of sizes manufactured.

He also stated the white/silver should be the 2001 model made out of Chehalis, WA.